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How To Overcome The Housing & Infrastructural Developmental Issues Of The World

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How To Overcome The Housing & Infrastructural Developmental Issues Of The World


(The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels)


The Introductory Message:
God has noticed our suffering in this world and knows about the present economic problems and will like to get us out of it. After 10 years of divine encounters, the Lord began to show me the causes and reasons for the world’s every day growing problems, and then ways in which we can solve them as a world, as nations, and first, as individuals, so that we can get our lives back in the right track.

Hence, this post is among a series of life-saving posts which I was led to write, in solving the world’s pending problem based upon God’s leading or directives. This may not be the beginning of the lists of posts, but you can as well read it, and then search for the others written in the series by me on this platform, to restructure and redesign more areas of your life.

Please, I recommend that you read the 2nd introductory message on which this post hangs, or else you will not understand a thing that is written here.


The 2nd Introductory Message on which this posts hangs:
According to the Lord, one of the rules of life we keep breaking as world is called, the ‘The Rule of Balance.’

This Law or Rule of Balance, is also known as ‘The Rule of Wisdom.’’

We keep breaking this rule of wisdom as a human world and that has been the root cause of our world’s current economic problems-as I was told.

However, though, there are too sides to this rule, there is only one I can explain to you right now.

The first rule of the Law of Balance states that;
Anything that is balanced is Perfect, and anything that is not balanced is not Perfect.

Now, according to the Rule of God, the things which are in Perfect Balance are in MODERATION. Thus, they are not done TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE, neither are they TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.

In other words, they fall within the Moderate level or Middle ranges on the platform, or on the scale.

Hence, they are NOT DONE IN EXTREME measures or levels. So then, they’ll not be at extreme levels, or parameters or ranges.

On the other hand, the things that are Imperfectly Balanced are done BEYOND MODERATION levels.

In other words, they are done ‘TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE or TOO HIGH and TOO LOW.

Hence, they are extreme and done beyond Moderation levels, or by their parameters or middle ranges.

According to the Lord, as it stands, this is what the world is doing, and as a result, we have been put beyond balance, causing us to fall and making us destroy the world gradually, in each sector of our lives.

Now, this is where the danger is, and it is the reason why there is continuing growth of social and economic issues inducing too much suffering among the whole human race.

Hence, the continuous breaking of the Law, which is also referred to as the Law, or Knowledge of Balance has been the major reason for the world’s problems till today, be it educational, social, management, political, health, relationship, transportation or financial problems; name them.

According to Him, concerning what He meant by saying that man is imperfect in most of his ways, He meant that most of the time man loves to do things out of the reach of balance, or out of the reach of moderation levels, which is beyond that Perfection Level as far as this Law or Knowledge of Balance is of concern.

Yet, everything beyond the Rule of Perfect Balance is surely never going to make us perfect and will surely induce problems.

Now, how do we know this? For instance, having too much salt or sugars in your body will be of a detriment to you. On the other hand, doctors say that when there are too little salt or too little sugars inside your body, it is equally not good. Therefore, to have all of them in moderation levels, it will be best for your growth or health.

While the Lord spoke out these things, I was amazed to hear the words of wisdom that were coming out of His mouth.

So, in this case, when it comes to our infrastructures or we relate this to our infrastructures, let us digest to see what happens when things are done imperfectly or two high/much or too little/low by the world, in that sector.

However, note; in each of the problems, God had also given suggested solutions to resolve them so make sure you find them, and to follow them for the sake of your own perfect security, in the dangerous times we live in.


The Effects Of Breaking The Law Of Balance Or To Go Beyond The Moderation Levels

  (Building Our Houses Too High (Like High Rise Buildings) Or Too Low In Our Economies)

Now, by what the law of balance absolutely dictates to us, a building which is therefore too high, (a high-rise building for that matter), is a detriment or threat to our development or human welfare.

In order words, we mean that, that building does not have all that it takes to support human life and security in totality, though may be built strong at its pillars or columns. Sometimes, the effects do not happen right away, but over the years, they show up. Below are some reasons why a too tall building (a high-rise building), is not good for our human lives and development, which the Lord had emphatically explained to me.


High Risks!

When a building is too tall, there may be too much weight of one floor on the other. An increase in properties owned by those living in these buildings, especially on the upper floors, may increase the weight on the entire building, putting its security into risk.

Also, as the weather keeps changing, they may not be capable of facing the test of time, since times do change, which will put pressure on their pillars and columns.

As a result, some factors such as ice, rain, and the blowing winds may disturb the building.

It is also possible for there to be engineering problems, as some of these high-rise buildings, which had collapsed over time, had these engineering problems-like Turkey’s case. Many high-rise buildings have experienced collapse over time, which has led to more deaths and damages to lives and expensive properties.

If you should go online, you will see lists of some of these high-rise buildings which have experienced collapse, over time. Perhaps, few among those popular ones we may see, which resulted into the deaths of lives and loss of properties of the people, include;

  • Sampoong Department Store, Seoul, South Korea,
  • Three High-Rise Office, Buildings, Rio, Brazil,
  • Skyline Plaza, Virginia, USA,
  • Delhi Building Collapse, New Delhi, India,
  • Highland Towers, Selangor, Malaysia,
  • Ronan Point, London, England,
  • Twin Towers, New York City, USA

(These are just a few.)


The collapse of all these high-rise buildings, had indeed brought memorable deaths to people, to their relatives and their entire nations as a whole.

Usually, during the collapse of these buildings, through any of these potential incidences, they often fell on other nearby buildings. This means, they had affected the lives of people and over a thousand-loss of properties, to all those living in these other buildings which were close by.

In other words, a too-high building-which is seen to go beyond the moderation skate-by all standards, far reduces the routes of escape, and increases the rate of danger to lives and property which live in the building, or which may even live in its ground floor, as a result of excessive weights of the top ones. This is why nations over the years have experienced great losses of lives and properties, due to buildings being too high. Moreover, they may not fall on others, if they were to be relatively lower.

So, in actual fact, we are not supposed to be fooled by how nice they are, because according to the rule of balance, these do not stand perfect on the perfect balance system-of course not by what we know; but by what God knows.

Secondly, according to seismologists, it is very crucial that when there is an earthquake, men are supposed to run out of their buildings onto a street or a park. But how will you get out so fast and to run off, if you are several floors high up the building or even when there is a sudden fall of the building, like we have seen in Turkey’s case?

In other words, whenever there is danger, you are slowed down, if you have to climb all the steps down to the floor on the ground, or to wait for your turn to use probably, a single elevator.

Indeed, you might be dead before your time.

Now, when you should watch the video during the attack on the World Trade Centre, you’d realize that, while several people of the ground floor were able to escape, most of them, just 10 floors above, could not get down so fast. So, they were trapped in seconds-not minutes.

Also, because of the height of that building, it had also taken too much time for special security forces and fire fighters to get into the building, which in fact had taken several days, to do that. Of course, by that time, several lives and valuables had been lost. Yes, they did!

Indeed, it has been realized that, when such disasters are usually going on, much is not being able to be done by man, to control the rate at which those damages occur.

According to the Lord, that’s a first sign, of a building’s mistake.

He has said:

‘You should not build something you cannot have much control over. You should at least build something, that you have control over up to about 90%.

When you have much control over them, then you will totally be safeguarding yourself, and you could reduce the risks.


Then He added and said;

‘I cannot build a universe, which I can’t have control over.

 This is why I am called The Saviour of the Universe.’

Hence, we cannot put the lives of people at risk, just because we feel like building something nice or perhaps want to save our economic lands.

Safety, must be considered first.

Now, another disheartening point the Lord raised to me about was, when we use glass for the windows of such buildings. Often, we realize that during such damages or collapse, the glass break or smash up, chopping down the lives and property inhabiting in that room of most of these high-rise buildings.

These actually will highly increase the rate of danger and definitely lower the rate of escape of those living in these high-rise buildings, which are of several floors high up-as in the case of the World Trade Centre.

Of course, there may be a route of escape, but the smashing of the glass would far reduce those routes of escape, for the lives or the people living inside those sky-line apartments or commercial offices.

Then also, in managing them, that is, in painting them, we have been told that this also often becomes too expensive to do. The too-expensive position in terms of management, also means, that is also beyond the rate of moderation or perfection. It should not cost you too much in managing something after you have created it. These are some reasons why it is not good to build high buildings, or to build a high-rise building.


The possibility of falling:

In addition, it is realized that most people feel like going dizzy and having a feeling of falling, when they look down from those buildings. Now, that is a cautioning message coming from your body, to tell you that, it doesn’t like what it’s actually seeing, standing or sitting on in the sky above, or where you have made it to stand.

Well, as if it’s telling you, ‘Yes, punch your pride and get down fast!” In other words, it is not familiar with what you’re standing on or the height at where you are making it to sit.

Well, by design it’s not right for it.

In actual fact, the body is telling you that it cannot guarantee total life and security, should it fall or jump from that very height. Hence, this height is not naturally good for its physical, emotional and psychological health or make-up. This actually means that the body has her primary sensors of speaking out its warnings; hence, we must be warned and adhere to them quickly, before anything should happen right then or afterwards, in the future.

In fact, we do not mean that falling will always happen, but when one should fall accidentally or jump wilfully from that height, it should be at the height of safety to avoid any casualties whatsoever, whether at home or from their offices.

The buildings beauty will guarantee no known safety, whatsoever. That is how come a lot of people fall accidentally to their death from some of these buildings, especially in major countries where many of these buildings are located and used for social or business activities. Often, people accidentally lose balance and instantly fall down surprisingly, to their death.

Even though it’s not funny, they often fall down into shredded meat or perhaps into their own pool of blood. Well, had not the body’s active sensors warned them of these heights prior to their climbing, no matter what somebody might have told them?

We listen to our technologies more than nature’s basic senses. Yes, these security sensors from the body had warned them prior to the climbing, to that height. Hence, we cannot put our bodies into unnecessary danger just because we want several accommodations and would want to save much land for the future.

Children and babies who are often weak in balance, because of their feeble legs and hands could also loose balance and fall down accidentally, from that very long height of these type of high buildings-and possibly to their death.

So, where is the protection of both adults and children, as far as this type of architecture, is of concern?

First, the moderation Law, have been broken.

Again, during the collapse of the World Trade Centre, I actually watched with so much horror as a man accidentally fell from the highest floor of the building head-long to his death, when the attackers hijacked plane hit into that building.

Apparently, we saw that he had jumped out of the highest floor of the building for escape for his life. Now, if that wasn’t a high-rise building, to such an extent, he wouldn’t have fallen down so flat to death into what cannot be described, but only a piece of shovel can tell. In fact, the thought of that danger was not good for my psychological health, as well as all who were watching that 10 second explosion, with me.


(The men falling from The World’s Trade Center)


Then what?

I got more understanding from the Lord’s always-trusted-wisdom, why buildings are not supposed to be built too high nor too low; and it’s all because they breach the Law of Balance, which God is exposing.

Then He had added to this and said that, the windows we build, are not just opened closures for ventilation, but they are for escape for lives and properties, should there be any danger in any interior part of our rooms. Thus, the window of a room should never and ever be too high from the ground seated by this building, just in case the unexpected happens. (We are to be prepared now and always. That is how a wise tenant lives, pal!)

In this case, you are going to save yourself and most of your belongings if there should be a pending danger like an outbreak of fire, the elevator developing a fault, or like anything that may trap you inside the building, when you cannot reach the door or even its gates.  Secondly, people may also be able to spot you, and also reach you, and to be able to save you easily by those windows.  Hence, the window should not be too high from the ground. In fact, you could possibly jump for safety by yourself if you can.

See why these building errors or mistakes, have been bringing economic and security problems upon generations, from time to time?

On the other hand, for a high-rise building, no human property or life will ever be safe or guaranteed for safety if the window should be used as a way of escape, assuming the door cannot be reached, due to a problem such as an outbreak of fire or an auto-lock of the building’s door, which may be due to an electrical fault by the fires, or by huge rumblings of deadly, or terrifying earthquakes. (All this minimizes a family’s chances of survival!)

A lot of time is going to be wasted, while again, you can’t use the windows. That’s a deadly building you might cry out. Therefore, as they are being trapped, lots of lives are lost in that regard. Of course, it will also take a long time before anyone can come to your rescue, even from the height.

However, when we are on a ground floor building, most people around may be able to see, analyze the problems fast, and offer a solution of rescue, even before the special authority work-forces should drive through the thick traffic, before getting to your place, while also needing time to fully analyze the issue.

Brother, did we all see what had happened few years back in London, on the 24-storey Grenfell Tower? This was also not a good case.

We saw that the building caught fire, and as well as smoke; most people were stuck in that building. How could it trap a man? (You may ask again?) A woman had to save her baby, by throwing him down from one of the windows of its top floors.

Several children were screaming from the windows of these high floors when the fires were getting closer; people were trying to jump from the floors to save their lives-but again, the height proved it difficult.

In the end, about 81 good people died from that building, after being trapped on the inside!

Now, please understand that, that’s a number too high for just one day.

Well, these are some of the reasons why God wants to offer us solutions, to solve our current problems when it comes to an absolutely perfect economic design and modern infrastructure.

Seriously, this is not fun, when these souls which had not expected such an end, should be buried or killed that way!


Picture 1 (The London Grenfell Tower on fire)

Picture 2 (The London Grenfell Tower on fire)


(Pic 3) The London Grenfell Tower on fire


Then, the Mexican earthquake followed afterwards, with devasting consequences, affecting lives and valuable properties!

We don’t think many people would be lost if the buildings were quite low, since high numbers would not be living in it. Some time ago, there was an incidence like that in Dubai, in which a very huge sky scrapper also caught fire. After the London fires, a high-rise government building in my country (Job 600) had gone through the same experience, destroying government documents and properties. The Police, as well as our nation’s best fire service men could not do much, but to watch parts of it burn.

Now, what even causes many lives and properties to be lost faster during such encounters, are highly combustible materials which are used in the construction of those buildings; for example, like the Grenfell Towers (London) fires, killing more than 81 people.

Well, apart from the high combustible construction materials which are used in building of these high-rise buildings, several people who live in these high apartment buildings, domestically possess with them, quite high or very high combustible materials right inside their rooms.

(Some of these high or quite high combustible materials include their wooden furniture, paper documents, boxes, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, plastic bags, rubber polythene products, foams, mattresses, some types of cooking oils, /materials, carpets, apparels, sandals, shoes, petrol, and electrical fittings):

Even those electrical wirings alone throughout the whole building, can cause more high fires. It means that barely everything with you and on you is supporting your death, in case that unexpected situation comes.

As well, one other major highly flammable material seen in the construction of these high-rise buildings, is a pipeline connecting each room to a Liquified Petroleum Gas.

We are certainly aware, that in some of the high apartment buildings, officials connect gas-pipelines to provide energy for each of these rooms lived in by men, with the intent that, they do not need to step down, .to get them. Well, it means, ‘things’ could just blow up, if ‘things’ are not handled carefully, by some tenants living in the room, meanwhile, we see an almost no way of escape.

An error from someone, could just spark fire, engulfing the whole building, and this could endanger all the lives and properties of those living in that building.

Yet, the route of escape is very minimal! What all that means is, of a truth, we do not have much control over such buildings in the event of a problem.

Hence, that is why many people die in such cases.

To revisit back what the Lord said to me, when your way of escape is very minimal, compared to all the possibilities of dangers that are around you, yet you don’t have much control over them in case of trouble, then you must consider. You can die easily, even from what you have personally built.

In fact, remember, that the fire service personnel, which we may so trust, will so have to save himself first, lest he’s also engulfed in those flames.

Therefore, such buildings should not be considered even for a business centre, because you could be working in it for almost every day. What if there may be an attack, an earthquake, or fire outbreak?


The Possibility of an Attack

Now also, if someone is being attacked inside a high-rise building, he, or she, (the attacker) may not be spotted easily, from that very long distance, and would have his way of committing the crime, even before spotted by surveillance cameras, or the police should come over.

Also, the victim’s scream may not be heard from people who are over 20 or 100 or 200 floors down from the ground. According to God, for total security, this must be completely avoided!

(Also, apart from buildings, the knowledge of balance works for bridges, road constructions, and other forms of constructions as well.)

Yet, on a relatively lower building, both the scream may be heard and the attacker spotted easily. This will mean he would be trapped. The attacker may be more careful not to venture with the thought of being spotted easily, or even the victim being heard as well.


The Danger of Earth quakes

Then also, it is more dangerous if an earthquake of high magnitude should hit a building like that, when compared to a lower one-this is what we are seeing in Turkey, of which several people have been lost.

Its beauty has nothing to do with how 100 percent secured it is. The level of fall, disaster, and resources it will destroy, will often be beyond measure.

Thus, you are in dangerous waters, and your life is one hundred percent at risk beyond an average human reach! Neither too will a person be guaranteed to be safe, should he, if he wants to escape, jump from that high building, or accidentally fall from that high rise building, usually during an earth quake-e.g, as in the case of the Mexican earthquake.

So then, according to God, a building should not be too high or too low, as everything that is beyond balance or moderation, will not guarantee a total life security or escape. Thus, He’s trying to show us a way, of putting up a proper and a perfect building.

It will not guarantee perfect life security, perfect satisfaction in the long-run, as well a perfect health which man needs. It will thus not be able to safeguard the country’s resources-hence, the reason why there is death, and sickness and loss of properties, among us in the world-even still, with our buildings.

That means, if the building was probably in the range of moderation (balance), people would not fall flat to the ground. Yes, and of course, there may be some form of injuries; but not that which would cause death, nor need government intervention, nor would need so much high cost of hospital bills to be paid, nor would need more resources, due to the damages caused. High buildings, could also be toppled by hurricanes and great floods, and the damages could be more disastrous.

The Lord added and said to me, ‘If you build something too big, then you must be ready for a problem too big to carry. That is when People die and lots of properties are lost. Now, you must keep everything in balance range, or will end up going wrong for you, or not safeguarding you perfectly.’

However, when buildings, are relatively lower, some of the valuables of the building may be saved quickly through the window, which is a way of escape, before all the harm gets into full gear.

Meanwhile, it will also be relatively easier to save young ones or children and even the aged or the handicapped (the lunatics), who may be quite slow for escape or children and babies through the window, before the harm should get into full gear.

They can climb down through with a ladder. A jump or a fall may easily not cause a high injury. It would easily lead to safety.


Abnormal Health

According to the Lord, a high-rise building is actually of great danger to man’s medical health, yet, we don’t know about it. This is because, as you go up, the weather becomes colder.

For example, it is usually colder on top of mountains, and that kind of energy is what high rise buildings, which can be as high as a mountain, gives you in your room. According to Him, cold energy is of great detriment to our health, and we must not be deceived by how nice they feel, or how these temperatures make all of us feel.

In other words, It is abnormal, for you to live in a cold region always, as we are by nature warm blooded creatures, who need predominantly, ‘cool energy or a Cool temperature’ to support our health.

According to the Lord, a Cool Weather, or Temperature is actually the best energy or temperature for the human health development, which are obtained only when the building are from a moderate level from the ground it sits, which means, the building) is not too high, or too low.

This is also because these naturally cool temperatures are given to us by the trees around us, which are at the ground floor. Tell me, which tree, can reach over 200 floors from the ground? If Oxygen is provided by the trees at the ground floor, how much oxygen is provided up above, where there are not much trees, to cover all the windows? Meanwhile, over there, we lock our windows too, because of the A.C, or the Cold, which fills up the room.

Moreover, up there, as we said, it’s very cold, and cold energy reduces the natural oxygen levels of the atmosphere. Meanwhile, a lot of carbons, have been flowing through that region of the atmosphere as well, to catch out, and reduce more of the oxygen levels.

Thus, that is even why we must never be separated too far away from nature; which means, you are in a too high environment, which is not reached by nature-especially, the breeze of oceans, and trees. Hence, if you are in a too high building, say of hundreds of floors, you are separated too much from nature and thus, from the ‘Cool Energies’ which are always provided down here because of the height of the presence of the trees. This is a threat and a danger to your health. Hence, that is why most people will end up complaining of shortness of breath. Yes, most of these ‘stylish’ buildings we construct contribute immensely to that.

We have not been thinking about safeguarding our health first. Which devil, has lied to us to build high rise buildings, as the way for modern nations or cities to be built?

We see so much deception.

According to Him, in perfect support for our blood’s vibrancy and respiratory health development, God, by wisdom, created the night to be naturally cool with the breeze from the ocean, while in the day time, the same cooling weather or temperatures are given to us by the trees, blowing cool energies around us, in our environment. This is the wisdom of God. Thus, our buildings, must of first thing, be built around were the cool energies blow more.

Then the Lord added and said that, He has realized that the trees which would have been rather supportive of our health, have been destroyed by us, through most of our deforestation practices, just to accommodate urban constructions, to introduce another extreme form of energy called hot weather, which is likewise a detriment to our health, thus, posing a serious threat to our blood system.

This has often led to the heating up of our blood through the skin. Also, there is too much sunlight or too much sun-rays, which is leading to high burns on our skin (Sun burns).

Yet, the urban activities indeed, do include these high-rise buildings, which do not help us, particularly our health, in any way, as far as, our design and make-up are actually concerned.

Thus, building and living in high rise buildings is of great health risk because the rooms are too far away from the natural coolness level, which is on the ground, where usually, the average tree and night breezes would blow across. No tree, reaches 100 flowers above; not even the 50th floor, 20th, 10th, nor even the 5th floor; and yet still most of them are not even at the 3rd floor. Hence, what we are doing, is to reduce the oxygen content in our blood stream, by not being aware.

Meanwhile, the trees are also supposed to blow cool energy air across our rooms for the support of our health’s vibrancy.

But as we said, when you go up the oxygen levels reduce because trees cannot blow up air there. So why do we build our buildings so high up to that stage, where the oxygen level reduces? (In fact, this beats our own science).

In other words, our buildings, according God’s standards, should never reach that height. Hence, the health of the people living in such buildings are going to be affected. Surely, lower oxygen levels will run through their blood stream. Hence, the nature of how we build and what we build with, affect our health and are unknowingly endangering our health systems, weakening our immune system and our total well-being as a whole.

That is why I said, ‘don’t be fooled by how nice they are.’ Apart from a low escape route, they will also frequently deprive you of greater oxygen levels-good natural oxygen for a long time. This is the fate of all those so-called modern cities which are up to the skyline. Hence, before a man builds, He must first consider His health first, and first of all, bring it to 90% consideration, before living in it.


Breath-Shortening from Cold Energy

According to Science, when go you up, rather the weather becomes colder, which passes the normal cool breeze or energy temperature levels; it will even become colder when snow falls.

As we are aware, a lot of people die out of cold weather during winter, because as we said, cold energy does not much support our natural health development and our human bodily temperature. When you feel cold, you start gritting your teeth or you start shivering. Thus, your body’s normal temperature is not safe or is being threatened, by the cold.

Now, we should know that Coldness isn’t the same as coolness, but it is the extreme form of Coolness; they are absolutely not the same thing.

Like hot weather, the cold energy is not a supportive energy to our life, if a long-life span must be considered. Abstain from both of them.

In other words, both of these energies, are extreme forms of energies to our human bodily systems.

One reason is that, Cold energy is an energy which attacks the natural human body’s warm energy level or temperature, pushing against it to take over the body’s system. Therefore, it becomes more dangerous when we make this region high-up your home, by living in a high-rise building where much of that, is experienced.

You will be pushing against your natural warm energy-levels for a very long time, while hurting your arteries and veins. Biomedically, our arteries constrict when they meet up cold energy. (This is why the body provides heat energy inside you to fight it, because it does not want it to get into you).

Often when cold energy gets to the arteries and they constrict, this will often lead to difficulties in breathing, and if there is not much heat, it can lead to a cardiac arrest, which is often experienced in cold region areas. Basically, it is the reason why people in the Northern Hemisphere start seeking for quicker refuge before the winter starts. Hence, up there in the sky, it gets extremely colder when the winter cold should meet with the cold atmosphere which is already up there.

The winter cold, which often leads to cardiac arrest has been recorded to be the major causes of 1000’s of deaths, which are recorded year by year, in these Northern hemispheres.

Seriously, it is not good to sit in the cold.

So then, this cold air or energy does not only slow your body’s temperature, it as well causes your human blood to run slow, as blood runs slow whenever it meets ice, which will affect the normal levels and movement of oxygen in your blood stream, thus slowing down your breathe, and will gradually cause threat to your life by threaten your life by threatening your breathe.

So, how long do you intend to survive under such conditions on earth when you are always hurting your body’s natural temperature as well as healthy energy levels, when you only need cool energies mostly coming from the trees on the ground floor to boost your warm energy levels, your respiratory organs, as well as your normal blood’s vibrancy and health? So, people can be up there making billions of monies, but they may die early, because of the weak energies in them due to low oxygen levels.

Moreover, cold weather is bad to children and babies too who live in a high-rise building. We are all aware that children’s lungs are also not so developed. So, they will not have much heat energy to provide them with the needed warmth; so, they will often die in cold areas or in cold temperatures which can also be provided by these high-rise buildings, providing low oxygen levels because of the cold. Hence, by the nature of the way we are building, most people are recorded today to have low short breath, with respiratory diseases. (It is no more a surprise that studies show that most people living in the Northern Hemispheres, have respiratory issues or diseases).

Though this problem is a pending danger, according to the Lord, there are also those who will further add up A.C’s to further make rooms more colder. We see most high rise buildings having A.C’s hanging on them when we move through or between them in town, thus, further reducing the oxygen levels, as glass windows of such high buildings are tightly shut against a much lower oxygen level coming in. We love to sacrifice the natural cool energy, to enjoy an unnatural cold energy, which are produced by harmful gases.

Hence, this health reason is also the greater reason why man must not live in a high-rise building, or neither should it be considered as a place of accommodation.


Social, Emotional or Psychological issues:

In addition, a too high-building is dangerous to your social life as well. Being too high separates you too much from the average element of nature. Most people are at the ground here, for that’s where the average human is found.

The feeling of being cut off from the masses who are on the ground can lead to social and psychological feeling of loneliness, thus an issue of an emotional or psychological stress. Loneliness increases stress, as there is a feeling of no sense of belonging.

The feeling of loneliness is detriment to a man’s social and psychological health as well, which in turn affects your physical and your human stature or security. A feeling of loneliness is a psychological problem, which needs socializing, that is ‘a sense of belonging,’ needing mostly the average human who naturally socializes down here to solve it. After all, people have committed suicide out of the feeling of loneliness, which are powerfully caused by a lonely spirit.

People and cars are down here, and you don’t want to be too cut away from the activities that are taking place down here, if you are to always be in these high rise building, to be between pillows too cold, hence, cold and lonely, together with an A.C to easily boost those un-supporting cold energy levels.

Well, not only will you feel lonely, but you also will be separated from a ‘cool’ natural air from the trees, and from the life activities provided by nature’s view which brings a natural feeling of joy to the soul, as we majorly interact with nature’s resources down here.

Hence, when we are far away from nature, we are not just unsafe physically, but biologically, medically, psychologically, as well as emotionally.

Now, being separated too much from nature is the deadliest thing of all, which you should never face in life, since we were not created that way.

In fact, the danger of falling is yes, a natural great risk, but when you are separated from nature’s activities, from the many plants, trees, natural cool weather, the animals, and of course from many humans, which are all natural, it is the deadliest thing that can ever happen to your soul. You cannot develop well as a man away from nature, because there are many things (supports) the natural ecosystem provides us with, and mostly protects us from, and the majority of such, are found down here.

After all, currently, most of such things we keep in our homes and offices of high-rise buildings of several floors high, are again artificial again, in themselves. That is an improper planning of our cities.

So then, according to the Creator, for safety and health reasons, it is important to be surrounded with about 90% of things that are made of nature, for your health to be much biologically, emotionally, physically and psychologically supported in order not to reduce your lifespan upon the earth.

The artificials, don’t support.


Too short buildings or Mansions

On the other hand, a room with a low stature will not support well in good ventilation, as the windows would only attract the heat from the ground after the sun had scorched it. The heat will not also be good to your health as well. Usually, hot air comes from the ground because of the continuous heating up of the surface of the earth by the hot sunny weather. This will usually cause rooms to become very hot, as experienced in here in most African countries.

I have learnt that some men also build underground homes to stay in. Others built their rooms in valleys and sometimes in water ways. This is also not a fully safe haven, as it is too low into the ground, not allowing enough air and sunlight to get into your windows. You will definitely be at risk from the hot air, as well as not much clean air because trees are not below the earth.

Hence, that is also a detriment to your health. It means that you will be sleeping with heat and will wake with sweat all over, which will be causing you to lose much water. This kind of temperature does not encourage a good night sleep either, as one would not be capable of sleeping in a heat temperature.

When a building is too low, and there should be a flood, your building will be highly at risk because it is too low for the water level to reach. This often becomes a serious threat to lives and properties inside the building, causing financial and emotional burdens when also, several great lives and properties are lost. The water can both carry along with it waste and sand into your home, if it’s either in a lowland or too low, too short, or perhaps, located in a valley.

Also, when usually the wind blows, it carries the debris and waste into the valleys or low grounds. Hence, when your building is that low you will suffer the problem of the wind blowing dried leaves, waste, litter or huge sand collection into your house, and will brush it up with dust. It would carry dust into your windows, and will bring dust upon everything.

Finally, like a man in a too high building, you may also not be spotted, neither your scream be heard, when your building is the type which is underground.

Now, a too short building may not be spacious enough for accommodating more people, as well as family properties. It means, as the years go by, you would have to build again, and that is actually a great waste of money, which could have been avoided earlier if the building was wisely built, a bit spacious by your contractors.

When a room is also too short or is also an underground, you may be trapped easily under the roof or under the debris, when there should be a serious earthquake, and there won’t be a possible way of escape. Your doors and windows too, may also not provide a good entrance for quite some big sizable goods to pass through.

Hence, we are both at risk, whether the buildings are as high-rise buildings or not. Beside all these, He added and said that, most materials used by us for our building constructions are also not the best, as far as the Knowledge of Perfection, or Balance, is of concern.

Thus, too high, or too low-We Face A Problem.


The Solution:

The Solution, according to God, is that, the average building to be built should not be too high (very tall), or too low (short, small as well as in lowly areas), which I have stated earlier.

The highest number of floors a building must have, if it should be high enough should be only 1 floor, making two, if it adds up with the ground floor. (In other words, according to the Lord’s wisdom, it should be a 1 storey building). (However, if we are to build high rise buildings of several floors, they’re not to be for human settlements but for other economic projects).

According to Him, strategically, this is also the range at which the temperature we live in is very cool indeed which is good for our human lives. That is also because, many tall plants are able to reach this height. There are tall plants which can reach windows of such buildings to blow cool air, into all the rooms.

Moreover, this is also the height which can be considered safe for the average man, if he should fall. Even with this, it must be well calculated to fit within the range of moderation in order to support the size of an average adult who will live up in the first or top floor, as well as the building contractor or mason who will build it, when they should fall wilfully or accidentally.

In this case, it will not yield to severe injury at all. Of course, they may sustain some level of injuries, but not that which may lead to death. Hence, those living in it, and those who are building it, are safe indeed. Now, according to Him, the top floor, should be used by adults, while the down floor by their children.

Thus, in the interest of totally safeguarding a man’s health in a building, and a drastic reduction of lives being lost, a building of such nature should be considered.

Now, according to what the Lord had spoken to me about, the best kind of building material, is burnt moulded bricks. Producers and constructors should better go into this.

By what the Lord said to me, the main reason is that, burnt moulded bricks keep the room cool enough to immediately support the health conditions of the human life, for it to provide us with the best natural cool ventilation, both at night, and in the day time. In other words, burnt moulded bricks support our environment’s cool natural energy or temperature, both at night and in the day time.

Now, most of the building materials which we use in raising the walls, are equally not the best; so, frequently, they develop cracks and sometimes, they add up to the materials which generate heat into our rooms or homes. Two of such, are the cement or binding materials and the metallic roofing sheets we frequently use.

According to Him, we do not need to use metallic roofing sheets for our buildings because of the Sun’s burning heats. But why do we have to use metallic roofing for our buildings, when we know that the Sun is scorching badly, and when there is intense global warming?

It does not make any sense.

Do we want to kill ourselves?

Of course, this is equally going to generate much heat into our rooms. We need to build, surely, in relation with the science of our environment, not just by beauty of how they look like, or how affordable or cost effective they may seem, otherwise, our lives will not be supported.

Hence, we are not supposed to use any of the metallic sheets (e.g. the aluminium sheets, or whatsoever sheets) for our roof coverings.

To correct this, He had added that, we should also use burnt-flat-roofing bricks instead, for the roofing of our buildings, while the building can also be flat topped.

When its burnt, it does not allow much air to pass through it nor enough water to leak through it, because it is like concrete. We should know that, a metal plate will be heated up more than burnt concrete.

We know that, all metallic sheets, will actually add up to the heat generating materials in the room, mostly when the Sun is scorching in this global warming era. Anyway, is this not why people are considering A.Cs and stronger blowing fans to make their rooms cooler, and to drive out the heat from their rooms, which is as a result of the sun? However, if we had not built the rooms with items which generate heat so much, we would not be in need of an A.C.

What man doesn’t know is that, A.Cs as well, de-conditions the cool natural energy temperature of our rooms, making the rooms cold enough-while that cold energy is also a detriment to our health, because by nature we are warm-blooded animals, who predominantly need, as the Lord has stated, cool natural energy temperatures, not an unnatural energy from an A.C, to boost our natural energies up. Well, an artificial or an unnatural energy, will not do you good, but may end up destroying the natural elements of your health which truly supports your existence, as a man.

Hence, according to Him, we must remember, that we should not live in cold temperatures, but in cool temperatures, which are to be produced naturally only by trees and by blowing winds from the oceans at night. Hence, we must live and build in areas where they provide us with more. One good reason from them is that, the oxygen they provide us, are natural, good and really healthy, in support of our lungs. The air produced from air-conditioners are not natural, because of such gases used in for cooling.

However, with a brick house, you get a good natural, cool temperature, passing through the walls of your room. So, what we require, is to begin to plant back every tree we have lost around the house and on our streets, so we can have such natural energies back circulating within our environment.

Seriously, how can we exchange the cool natural energies God has given to us with an A.C? An A.C to replace natural oxygen levels? Are we serious?

As well, our windows should not be too many or too few in relation to the size of our buildings.

When they are too many, there will be too much cool air going through the rooms, rendering the rooms to become too cold for the body. When they are too few in relation to the size of the home, much air can’t penetrate. What will happen is that, your room will become hot.

Now, with your brick house, with your good organic garden (which we stated earlier on in part 2 of these posts series), and a good breeze coming through your compound produced by the trees planted around your home, which are also very close to your windows, it should create for you the best forms of energies to enable you to live long. It will cause us to live longer, because such natural energies will be providing to us healthy oxygens for our life’s respiratory systems.

As well, we should provide some types of tall trees around the house, which especially must include some tall palm tree species, or coconut trees or a mix of such very tall trees, to shade off those excess sunlight (the too much sunlight), which are not needed in the house.

Thus, these will provide shade for the house.

This is what will ensure that, the cooling (or cool temperatures) of our rooms is not really affected. That is what will make us start keeping a good paradise through a good ‘temperature paradise,’ being preserved throughout the entire compounds of our homes.

According to Him, ‘He created the body to live in a moderate-levelled system (thus, not a too high or a too low system), so that we all can be in control of life’s issues.

Hence, we must live in conditions like that, or else there will be problems, which will eventually lead to shortening of life’s span or death.

When He had said this, I could now understand why so many people are going to the hospitals these days, because we have been kicked out of balance, through our so-called modern civilizations or modernizations which does not accord to this good and sound wisdom.

‘How I wish people will start living in buildings like this.’

So then, the purpose of the plants is to provide canopies for our homes, to shade of the unnecessary sunlight from our environment or from our compounds. (As well, this will also prevent sun-burns which can affect our skin if these temperatures are not controlled to moderate levels.)

So, both the energy at the compound of our homes, and energy inside the rooms must provide a ‘Cool Energy Weather Condition’ at all times, to supply us with enough good air. While the trees provide us with good healthy oxygen, those planted in our compound or the environment (the courtyard, parks, streets and gardens), will provide us with the same benefits when we gone out, as well as the cleanest energies for our respiratory systems or lungs.

So then, there must be a lot of tall trees planted both in and around the house, to shade off too much sunlight as well the Heat. The Lord said that, that was why also He created trees, though He also created the sun, which also has its own usefulness at certain times. For instance, providing us with warmth (since we are warm-blooded creatures), and with lights, for us to see.

When we are only obtaining cool energy, the cooling will affect both our blood, and our bodies to be cool, while the healthy oxygen, which is produced by the trees in our house, is providing our lungs with healthy oxygen, for a prolonged lifespan, and by so doing, supporting the biological structure of the general bodily systems.

Thus, as the Sun does not scorch our skin

  1. Itching will and should be prevented
  2. Skin toning and sun burns will or should be prevented, naturally; it will not be with any artificial chemical, which have the potency to induce any skin side effects. Thus, your colour or complexion will be maintained.
  3. In the end, your skin beauty will also remain and be preserved for a long time; it will therefore continually remain fresh and smooth, from skin dryness, and from the skin peeling up, often caused by the sun.
  4. The blood running through you won’t be hot; this is because, you will not be taking in hot air, neither your body will be obtaining hot air, through its pores.

When all this should happen, there is certainly going to be a natural reversibility of both skin and respiratory disorders in your life, as well as everybody else who stays with you in the home. Shortening of breath, heart attack, asthma and strokes, which is also as a result of too less energy running through your veins, will be dealt with within weeks.

  1. This further, will reduce the condition of ageing in you, since good quality air (energy) supports proper organ and cell functions.

That in itself, will as well support you in the following;

  1. It will prevent sweating, thus, preventing you from frequent skin odours.
  2. This will indeed support your hair, which is indeed your glory to keep on being dry, for the sun will not scorch it to consistently drain water from it, into your face.
  3. It will as well prevent heavy breathy, often induced by hot heavy air-hot energy.
  4. The cool energies will also reduce stress to your bodies, both internally, and externally. Hence, it shall preserve the health of not only your blood circulatory system, but the health of all your internal organs, as well as, all the external ones, too.
  5. I) It will prevent your feet from being burnt when you step or walk around, with bare feet: headaches, will be prevented.
  6. J) Indeed, there are countless benefits with regards to, providing cool energy in our environment.

In the event of this, the bodies will respond better to provide us with a good day and night sleep, or rest. This will further improve our natural dexterity and total health being as a whole, increasing our human lifespan, while supporting energies from a good organic food (which we said earlier on in post 2), will also contribute the positive biological effect.

Therefore, as you increase the number of trees around your house, there may not be a need of fans, or an Air Condition, nor a cooler, which will further pose future health problems.

Thus, all you need to do is to open up your windows and then the cool energy which is often in that range of balance, will rush in. Those trees will blow cool energy into your cooly-supported bricked rooms, to improve your lives.

Hence, per God’s esoteric wisdom, this is what a brick building with enough planted trees around, will give to you. Aside that, burnt bricks, do have that natural look and feel, which can potentially support your psychological health, as a man.


More To Know:

Now, the Lord also added, that, though the buildings should be just one floor, there could also be extensions at the down floor, with a good or a well-kept courtyard.

According to the Lord, an organic Flower Garden, as well as an Orchard Garden (Fruit Garden), apart from the organic Vegetable Food Crop Garden which He had told us to do in the 2nd post, of this post series, which He had done with important reasons, are to be planted both in and around the house, lined up so well and beautiful.

Now, the flower and orchard (a fruit-tree garden) should add a natural beautification to the house, to also provide aesthetic value, to the house.

According to Him (the Lord), the flowers should be nicely scented. Now, if the flowers are nicely scented, and they are close to the windows of your house, then it means that, whenever the winds blow, they would be blowing nice scent, or fragrance, into all the rooms, since they have been planted close to the windows and doors.

So, we must plant nice scented flowers, near our windows.

According to Him, the flowers must also be natural, and should be done organically.

These could be grown by us, or by our servants. But the Lord warned that, a man should never leave his children out of this business-that is, the works at home. So, they must also learn and apply it, when they grow, when you, as their parent, is not there.

Hence, when you have flowers around your house, you will not just be blowing Cool Natural Air through room, but cool nicely scented flowery energy through your room, which supports your bloodstream.

While they are in the whole compound of the house, they will also, apart from your rooms, blow across the entire compound, outside the rooms.

Hence, they will also blow nice scent into the entire compound of the house, both in and out. So, the compound, with quality healthy energy, will as well, be smelling good.

Hence, the canopy trees, will as well, prevent the flowers from drying up, since they will prevent hot air (from our Sun), from coming into, the compound.

Then, the Lord added, and said to me that, this is also why He created flowers for on the Earth, for us, to use.

So then, you should make sure all the flowers in your compound, are very beautiful, as well as nicely scented ones as well.

These would also encourage a natural beauty and organic scent of the house, when they are lined up well, in whole compound of the house.

Now, please, do not use any type, of Air-Refreshners, both in your room, or in the compound.

Seriously, it is very well noted that, Formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen, is an E.P.A registered PESTICIDE, and its found in many Air-refreshners, we use. The substance is poisonous, and has been linked to lung damage.

Now, studies have found out, that this substance in air-refreshners increases the rate of asthma too, in us. Secondly, by use of it, most air refreshners too have been linked to some type or class of cancers. It is as well known to lead to Low Sperm Counts, and other diseases in men.

Well, these Authorities meant to say that, when we inhale in, fragrances, of Air-refreshners, both in our homes, and in our cars, we are accumulating in, a dangerous pesticide, into our bloodstream.

Hence, we are actually breathing into us, a well-known life-span reducing agent into our bloodstream.

So, you shouldn’t use them-these, Air-refreshners.

So, why should you have life reducing agent, which is used for annihilating pests, into your bloodstream?

When I found, most researchers, who were speaking on it, were against it!

Forget about their nice fragrances; you are killing yourself.

And so then, instead of now using air-refreshners in our homes, we should use a natural organic-scented flower, especially, planted close by the window, to blow in a nice scented perfume, which are not harmful, to us. These were the recommended ones.

Similarly, you could as well tap into the nectar of these beautiful flowers, to make a homemade healthy perfume, for yourself, in order to also avoid the many deodorant sprays, in the markets, which we know contain, aluminium. The aluminium, as we know, blocks your skin pores, igniting itching, and many other skin disorders in you, as well.

Hence, our homes are also Production Houses, needed to create all the things we need, at home. We can do it, if we know how to.

Concerning flowers, the Lord also said that, we should not use artificial flowers; and that is because, artificial flowers, are not natural, and will not be nicely scented; and neither, will they provide us with oxygen.

Thus, they are also not being able to swallow up the CO2, we produce, as a waste, in the house, to exchange our CO2s, with their Oxygen.

That means that, the carbon dioxide which is a waste product we produce in the house, may stay inside the house, for us to take-in again.

To us, their only benefit is beauty. Yet, in terms of beauty, there are some very beautiful natural flowers than some of them, while as well, these natural flowers, will also provide us with many essential benefits, which they can’t be able to give.

Thus, they are only taking important space in the house, without providing any more benefit, than only this, meanwhile, natural flowers have more, and better values.

Therefore, we are supposed to use the materials which would be of every benefit to us, and the entire environment, which will then, help the family to grow healthier, and to as well live longer, not the ones, with little, or no benefit.

So, while these inorganic substances do not provide us with much benefit to prolong the life of man, the natural ones, which God has created, does.


Whole Compound

Now, once more, we should not forget, that the building should be measured in a way which will support the fall of a man.

While the average man, specifically, parents should live in its top floor. Yes, it should be lived in by adults; not by their children.

Note, that, buildings heights differ, so a good calculation must be well considered.

Now, according to the Lord, the brick house, which has its own garden, with its flourishing trees, should constructed up on a hill. (Please note, that, I didn’t say a mountain).

Together, if the whole town is actually a hill, or plain, this will be much better. Then also, the hills could be created, if not available.

According to the Lord, the building while on a hill, must not have its whole compound, tiled with blocks or bricks.

According to Him, these brick-pavements, as well, help in generating heat too, in the whole compound of the house.

We know that, as the Sun scorches, it scorches up the ground (the pavement bricks).

When these concretes absorb the heat in the ground, we know that, they enable heat, to be generated in, and around the whole compound of the house.

This often makes our feet burn, when we walk on these outside pavements.

Our skin, also burn, because of the heat, which are stayed so close to the ground, in the day.

The heat, prevents humans and humans, from staying outside, to enjoy the breeze or sunshine too, which often, are important sometimes-since we cannot stay indoors always.

In other words, when our compounds, have attracted so much heat, it helps to destroy the cool natural temperature, of the house, and that is, the entire compound-which, wherever the house is located.

Interestingly, how can we live our lives, in a heat-absorbing home?

Now, because we have used both, heat-absorbing materials in both the construction of the building, and for flooring of the entire compound, of the house, though it may look very beautiful, we end destroying the natural cool energy temperature, of the entire house, which ends up including the cool energies of the rooms, too.

Hence, the Air-Con, which is an unnatural energy, is the ‘salvation’ tool we use, to provide the cool energy we destroyed, through our own, constructive materials.

Hence, the need for us to remove the heat from our rooms, which was caused, as a result of both on the outside and in the inside of the house, being heated by, the Sun, through our use of heat-absorbing constructive materials, we have to look for a cool energy now, to cool our rooms.

And that was where, the idea of A.C came in. Yet, it is also an unnatural energy, providing health risks continually, to our lives.

So then, sometimes, it is not that our Sun, is so hot, but its because, we are walking on and living in, heat absorbing materials, that we all call, Home.

As, the majority, of us, are using heat absorbing houses as well, why won’t there be the complain of global warming?

We’ve gone round, and seen that most people are using heat absorbing materials in the construction of their buildings. From the roofing, to their ceilings, to their walls, to as well the pavements on the ground, including paints used as well.

Meanwhile, others don’t have plants in their homes.

Hence, rather, we are facing a deception, problem.

So, then if we use poor, or low heat absorbing materials in our house-constructions, then we all will solve half of the world’s problem, on global warming.

In other words, the Sun is not the only problem- we are equally the problem. What we use, equally causes problems, as well!

Why will we provide something the Sun will heat up, as well?

So, according to the Lord, we cannot talk of dealing with global warming, when we all are now using, those materials. These, are heat-absorbing materials! The house, and the home, will be heated up, on a continuous basis, then.

Hence, by using a burnt brick material, we are not just telling you that, its a best alternative material to use, we are actually telling you that, it actually the best building material to use, in terms of your building.

Now, according to the Lord, to drastically reduce heat in the entire compound of your house, or in the courtyard of your house too, you should also be able to plant grass or a beautiful trimmed lawn, in the compound. Now, it should cover the entire compound.

In other words, there should be a well-trimmed lawn, grown in the entire home, or the compound; However, only the walkways, inside the compound, should be made with concrete or bricks. It could be made with fine gravels, and stones, as well. Yet, most importantly, it can also be laid with burnt bricks as well.

The Lord explained that, because of the moisture content in fresh green grass (the watered lawn), much heat, will not come into the compound.

So then, the use of grass prevents much heat generation in the house than, with your whole house, tiled with concrete pavements, or floor bricks, which are used for tiling house compounds.

In other words, by using grass the temperature, or energy of your house will not be affected.

With regards to Grass, the Lord also showed that, we are not supposed to use artificial grass; however natural grass for the lawns, yet very beautiful and well-trimmed like a golf park.

We know that, artificial grass, same as artificial flowers, do not add much benefits to your house. They are occupying space.

Moreover, we should not forget that, the natural trimmed grass, apart from providing great aesthetic value, or a beautiful scenery for great social and psychological purposes, will together with the height of the building be lifted up onto a hill, to reduce the impacts of rain, winds or erosion upon the compound, and also upon the strength of your building. This will thereby safeguard the family home, protecting the lives of people and properties, living inside the building.

This, the hill will further serve as a solidification to the house’s foundation, because these hilly places which we know are mostly made up of heavy rocks.

So, they will further support the foundation you’ve already provided, for the house.

Now, burnt bricks, when burnt well, do not break, easily; hence, your house on a hill, will be well protected, because of this.

(Meanwhile, on hills, are where the weather, is mostly cool).

On top of Mountains, the Weather is Cold (Cold Energy)

On top of Hills, it is Cool

While in the Low Areas, the Weather is hot- because of the Heat heating up the Ground.

Hence, that’s the difference.

This means that, while on a hill, you will enjoy a Cool Weather freely for the entire time you are there; meanwhile, the solidification of your house is held by the hills: hence, it means that, the hilly place will reduce shocks on the building’s pillars, cracks on its walls, or the complete fall of it.

In other words, this rocky place will reduce disasters from windstorms, floods, earthquakes and earth tremors on your buildings, saving your building for a long time, and thus, preventing it to be lost.

Note that the trees, apart from blowing cool energy air into our supported environment, will also, safeguard the house from windstorms.

They, together, with the lawn will reduce the impact of rain upon the house, while also the hilly place will hold the foundation and the pillars of the buildings so strong, in the event of a flood, windstorm, earthquake, etc.

According to the Lord, the windows of these houses, could have Arch designs, and the gates of the entire compound (the courtyard), made with beautifully designed fabricated metallic gates.

The size of the building should not be so big or small, but it should be relative to the number of people to stay in each of the houses, while extensions for future expansions could be considered.

He showed me some designs of some brick houses which I haven’t seen, yet quite with this description. Well, we will show them when the time is right.

In fact, I immediately wanted to live in one them or to even to build one immediately, by myself. In fact, those designs were nice, looking like a little castle on a hill.

I have personally thought brick buildings were not beautiful. Indeed, God proved me wrong. I realized that, it is not that they were not nice; we don’t know how to make them nice. We make our buildings with so many designs and styles, but never consider whether the position nor the style of the house is good enough.

Now, in the area of security, when your house is on a hilly place, the attacker can be spotted from a hill when he is oncoming.

Besides, this building is not too high for a scream to be heard nor for an attacker to be spotted, nor will it also be too high for the average man to run for his life, in case of a fire out-break or during an earthquake. He could escape through the windows with some of his properties.

Also, during an earthquake, this hill will further hold the foundation and pillars of the building for it not to be easily swayed or shaken.

And to add to the last points, all these brick-buildings within any area or location (within its estate), should be well spaced out. They should not be too close or too far away from each.

First of all, when they are not too close to each other, it will allow enough air and sunlight to get to each other’s window, or else, somebody’s building, could block the path of the wind and sunlight.

Hence, when this is checked, there will be good ventilation.  As well, it will also allow privacy, since men at all cost, need some level of privacy in their courts.

A road-network could pass in-between these houses.

It will also allow water to get a course, to pass in-between the buildings and to also run or to flow down the hill.

Also, this spacing, will also help in the event of a great earthquake. While the hill supports the foundation of the house, the shock waves will also get a course to pass through in such areas, since shock-waves usually to pass-through low-lying areas than to pass through great hilly areas, since they have heavy stones or rocks.

Thus, no one’s building will find it easy to fall because of these hills; yet, when they should fall, they will not fall on each other, since spaces have been provided in between their houses, unlike these high-rise buildings.

Also, when buildings are not too far away from each other, it is quite easy for neighbours to socialize so close to each other.

It will reduce the psychological problems of loneliness, stress and other social problems.

The height of the building, which is also on a hilly place, allows great aesthetic value from wherever it is positioned-into the hills and from the nearby cities.

Such places on the hilly hills, especially where the grass is, could be used for parks and gardens, where the inhabitants could have their picnics and their festive celebrations.

With nature around you, you are bound to obtain much safe benefits into your bloodstream-because you are not really too far away from them.

Such hilly places, luckily are also where many endangered species like birds, like to find their homes the most, which is also because of their beauty. They see enough natural trees and grass around the house to next on. Sometimes, we may end up seeing some of the natural fountains on the hills as well.

The hills could have the orchard garden or a fruit-crop, or your food crop gardens as well. Meanwhile, the sloppiness of the hill will also discourage erosion on your fruit crops, food crops and to maintain a natural scenery of grass.

You could dig a well in your house to get clean fresh water to feed your animals, plants, and for yourself as well.

As for rain, it mostly rains on a lot at hilly places, so you are going to have bumper harvests, for yourself, from all your crops, and all the time, while the domestic animals, and your pets, and livestock, you will keep, will also have enough water to drink, and enough food to eat, as well too.

Note, and find out that on top of hills, the Sun is usually not too scorchy nor also too cold. This will also support the good health of your livestock, and your plants, and your kids- as well.

And regarding the Sun, God has also promised us that, He will be providing us a covering from the intense heat from the Sun, in the coming days.

Then the LORD will create over all of Mount Zion and over those who assemble there a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night; over everything the glory will be a canopy.


It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.

Isaiah 4: 5 and 6 NIV


Oh, don’t you know?

He’d said this in the Bible. God showed me this scripture, concerning our time when He will do this.

This, He said to His prophets even before the time came for Him to do this in our day.

Know that, there has not been any day since history when the Sun is so scorchy as today (which is why we call it now, global warming); yet, the Lord had said that, He is going to provide us that Solution.

Okay, that’s for the Sun.

And yes, we are aware that fresh water is mined more under such places, that is, under hilly places than everywhere else, because these rocks undertake them through natural water healing purification processes.

Hence, we do these, than depending on polluted water, sold to us now, on the markets, from polluted river courses.

Hence, by so doing we enable for ourselves a clean quality, and well safe environment, all-over -again, while living in the buildings, that powerfully and wonderfully, supports our health.

This is a clean environment.

Along the roads of these brick houses Estates, there are to be tall planted, to reduce heat on passengers, passer-bies and motorists in the environment. It will be a kind of boulevard.

This should include a mixture of tall flowery plants or trees, so that the winds that blow through the environment will smell good just as our homes and compounds, with a natural well-trimmed lawn all over town, except the streets, which should be made with concrete, and the walk ways with burnt brick pavements, to keep the ground cool, at most times.

As we begin to also introduce the non-carbon emission vehicles which the Lord spoke about in one of my posts, newly into the system, I don’t think, trees, ozone layer, the plants, and the various water courses will be destroyed again.

Meanwhile, this grass and the tall trees will reduce the condition of global warming in our environments, while under these trees, could be placed seats, for passer-by’s, for our visitors and passengers who walk and feel tired, so they can relax.

Thus, while safeguarding our personal lives at home, we are also safeguarding our environment as well, too.

Therefore, building a too high building, or a too low, or in a lowly place, are both not good, and these were reasons, from God, which we must consider-everyday of our lives.

According to the Lord, we must consider this, for nation building, and for estate development, as well.

Tell me, if we have such a building, who will fall down dead?

So, then, all that we put in a building’s construction should matter, especially how we build it, with what also we build it with, and which place we are going to build it, to avoid any casualties or death.

It’s Also About Time We Do Something About This!

To the Father, who knows all things, to His Son, the Wonderful Saviour, the Christ, and also His Eternal Spirit whom I Glory and Praise.

Glory Be To The Lord!


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