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3 Great Things That Make You To Become Very Happy In Life Today

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3 Great Things That Make You To Become Very Happy In Life Today

As things are beginning to become difficult in our economies today, it is rendering people not to become happy.

However, these points can liberate us from the pain we do go through every single day. He had explained that, most people are not happy; however, these 3 points or steps can help them to become happy again, if they should practice them.


Point 1

Learn to be a Giver:

One of the things the Lord advised me about in regard to how to be happy in life is to be a Giver.

He said that there is a good feeling that comes up with it, when you give to the needy and to the poor.

This comes with a sensation where you feel good and glad in your heart that you touched someone’s life, especially those who can’t return back that favour- and they wept or cried-or were sober-and wouldn’t cease to mention your name or praise you-telling you how grateful they are to you-while you were like- oh please, stop crying-it’s okay- but they you back answered and were like-oh no, please you saved me today-there’s nothing in the world that comes with it.

It’s certainly a great joy when you look away from yourself and yourself, to rather become a great blessing to somebody who’s also in need.

You had become a little Jesus in their lives. For all you know, that person could have been contemplating on suicide, but you went out of your way to save him. What a great blessing you’ve become, that makes you look away from your unsolved problems?

Don’t be a judge of anyone. You may not know what others are enduring. Go out there to help them out with the blessing you are and you’ll see how much happiness that will gather into hearts. Indeed, this kind of happiness, is unique and special, and more pure than what some one gets out of a comedy show.


Point 2

You Should Mind Your Own Business:

After becoming kind, another possible way to make you happy in life, is to mind your own business. Think about yourself; do not go about meddling in other people’s affairs, which can bring troubles to you. People will not give you trouble if you do not give them trouble.

So, stay at where you are, and mind your own business.


Point 3

You Must also Love Yourself:

The Lord also advised me;

‘Never walk in this life with people’s imperfect opinions about you.’ Respect and love yourself enough not be bothered about the negative or defamatory words of people concerning you. Be glad of who you are, how unique or different you are, and what you’ve achieved so far.

The thing is, most of the time, people won’t speak good things about you. Should you expect everyone in the world to like you, you know that’s not going to happen: this is because, people think of themselves highly than others. They doing the opposite, will go at their expense, in which no one has ever thought of losing.

So, why not frame a beautiful unique picture of yourself in your mind, that will program you to become what you really want to become in your life, and forget about all these people whom you’re seeking for all these form of recognition from?

By the time you hear what’s being spoken about you behind your back, your whole world will be broken into pieces.

So, beloved, concentrate on yourself; become the first person to love yourself and leave people’s opinions to themselves.

You do know yourself better than anyone of them.

Thank you.


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