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Start A Real Estate Business Right From Home With Almost No Money Today

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Property Leasing, Mortgaging (Home Loans) and Real Estate Developments, are very lucrative businesses and good for every human being to go into. 

The Lord said to me, ‘It’s very important to enter into a real estate or mortgaging business if you have the means to do so, to generate a lot of money.

Indeed, the real estate business is extremely lucrative, especially if you make the rooms or your houses not too expensive or affordable in the markets, in which mostly, the middle income earner can afford to buy.

Entering into the ‘lease’ or the ‘house renting business’ is also good. 

This is because you’ll be capable of making a lot of money for a longer period without losing  your estate or property, to any second party.

In all, if there are some other three major businesses in the markets today which are also lucrative to go into, in which the risk involved are too low, according just how I have explained it, then these are estate development, property leasing, as well as mortgage financing.

Just don’t make your prices too expensive. However, make sure you’re making profits.

When you do so, the masses will rush for your homes. 

Well, who wouldn’t like an apartment or a house which he or she can afford?

Now, the question is-how do you start even though we understand it’s lucrative? How can you start, if it has been deemed to be capital intensive?

Well, there are many strategies to do that; but in this post, I’m going to show you one simple format.

Assuredly, just start this business from home.

So, how?

You start by sacrificing and converting a part of your home or house, a store, or even a kitchen, into a comfortable place to be rented by someone right now, if it should have enough space.  

Indeed, your real estate development company is going to start from home-possibly going to be a single room which you’re going to sacrifice this very minute. 

The moment you convert this room into a good and comfortable space, start by advertising it.

To advertise this space you’re letting out, you can post an ad of it on any Ad-classified site in your country. If you’re in Ghana, try and

Most people prefer going on these Ad-classified sites, to search for  cheap or affordable home or stores to buy or to rent. Due to that, you may not need to pay for advertisement. Inevitably, the real estate market is big enough.

When you do this, you’ll sooner than later get clients or tenants.

Hence, this business starts by sacrificing one space of your home this very moment.

After getting your first sale or income, instead of spending it, you should re-invest the money to renovate more rooms or build more apartments or rooms, to stay in the business.

Sacrifice this room or apartment as well; paste an ad of this other one too, to get more buyers or tenants.  

So, repeating the processes of re-investing the income from your first and second properties or apartments, will increase your property base.

That Means, The Secret Of Maximizing Or Growing A Real Estate Business, Is Sacrificing Your Initial Incomes To Increase Your Property Base.

A Real Estate Business, does not really start by investing or going for something big. 

Let us also not forget that, your newer apartments could help you acquire business loans for further expansion, if you could consider them as collaterals.

At this point, you could be expanding your business to the top: by the time you’ll realize, you do have more property bases to let to the general markets, in a way of generating for yourself, more income. 

However, take it a note that you had just started from a kitchen, from a single storeroom, from a single room of yours, or from one disrespected apartment. I had not told you to look for a huge sum of money to start this real estate business, but had told you to sacrifice one room for it. Start now, and list your property. Don’t be deceived: the real estate business starts from one room, not many. It does not even start from a full building, sometimes.

You may only have to do some small paintings in that room right away to get started. You’ve got a 2, 3, 4-bedroom house? Why not sacrifice a piece of it? Okay, what about a store-room, an extra kitchen or a boy’s squatters? You can do more with that. After all, business is all about sacrifices.  You can alleviate yourself from poverty by doing this right now.


A Woman Converting Her Small Space Into Business


It may not be your time to do this kind of business, but I’m sure sooner than later, you’ll be to venture into this kind of business.

However, if you have space, then let the whole family think about it.



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