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Every Leader Must Be In Writing

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According to the Lord, one way for leaders to effectively connect with their people is for them to be in writing, penning down information for them to read, from time to time.

He said to me, ‘Every leader must be in writing.’

It’s important that every leader writes and must not assume that the people know and understand how the group and it’s resources are being run, as well as what roles they equally have to play.

To be honest with you, most of our subjects or followers, may not understand our missions, goals or objectives, unless we explain things in a form of writing for them; when they read and understand, they may connect with our visions and dreams better, and in the end, will effectively support the vision to grow.

In this modern day, I believe it is important for our leaders to write books or at least, create a blog, explaining the way of development through those writings, as well as, using such mediums to solve their group’s problems.

This is a 101 leadership advice which the Lord has given, as He Himself has written down a Bible of words of instructions, for mankind to follow.


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