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Addressing The Leadership & Political Issues Of The World (Part One)

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Addressing The Leadership & Political Issues Of The World (Part One)


Lots of Love:

(The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels)

The Introductory Message:
God has noticed our suffering in this world and knows about the present economic problems and will like to get us out of it. After 10 years of divine encounters, the Lord began to show me the causes and reasons for the world’s every day growing problems, and then ways in which we can solve them as a world, as nations, and first, as individuals, so that we can get our lives back in the right track.

Hence, this post is among a series of life-saving posts which I was led to write, in solving the world’s pending problem based upon God’s leading or directives. This may not be the beginning of the lists of posts, but you can as well read it, and then search for the others written in the series by me on this platform, to restructure and redesign more areas of your life.

Please, I recommend that you read the 2nd introductory message on which this post hangs, or else you will not understand a thing that is written here.


The 2nd Introductory Message on which this posts hangs:
According to the Lord, one of the rules of life we keep breaking as world is called, the ‘The Rule of Balance.’

This Law or Rule of Balance, is also known as ‘The Rule of Wisdom.’’

We keep breaking this rule of wisdom as a human world and that has been the root cause of our world’s current economic problems-as I was told.

However, though, there are too sides to this rule, there is only one I can explain to you right now.

The first rule of the Law of Balance states that;
Anything that is balanced is Perfect, and anything that is not balanced is not Perfect.

Now, according to the Rule of God, the things which are in Perfect Balance are in MODERATION. Thus, they are not done TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE, neither are they TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.

In other words, they fall within the Moderate level or Middle ranges on the platform, or on the scale.

Hence, they are NOT DONE IN EXTREME measures or levels. So then, they’ll not be at extreme levels, or parameters or ranges.

On the other hand, the things that are Imperfectly Balanced are done BEYOND MODERATION levels.

In other words, they are done ‘TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE or TOO HIGH and TOO LOW.

Hence, they are extreme and done beyond Moderation levels, or by their parameters or middle ranges.

According to the Lord, as it stands, this is what the world is doing, and as a result, we have been put beyond balance, causing us to fall and making us destroy the world gradually, in each sector of our lives.

Now, this is where the danger is, and it is the reason why there is continuing growth of social and economic issues inducing too much suffering among the whole human race.

Hence, the continuous breaking of the Law, which is also referred to as the Law, or Knowledge of Balance has been the major reason for the world’s problems till today, be it educational, social, management, political, health, relationship, transportation or financial problems; name them.

According to Him, concerning what He meant by saying that man is imperfect in most of his ways, He meant that most of the time man loves to do things out of the reach of balance, or out of the reach of moderation levels, which is beyond that Perfection Level as far as this Law or Knowledge of Balance is of concern.

Yet, everything beyond the Rule of Perfect Balance is surely never going to make us perfect and will surely induce problems.

Now, how do we know this? For instance, having too much salt or sugars in your body will be of a detriment to you. On the other hand, doctors say that when there are too little salt or too little sugars inside your body, it is equally not good. Therefore, to have all of them in moderation levels, it will best for you.

While the Lord spoke out these things, I was amazed to hear the words of wisdom that were coming out of His mouth.

So, in this case, when it comes to our leadership or political sector of this world, let us digest to see what happens when things are done imperfectly or two high/much or too little/low.

Now note: in each of the problems, God had also given suggested solutions to resolve them: so, make sure you find them, and to follow them for the sake of your own perfect security, in the dangerous times we live in.


The Use of Too Strict Constitutional Laws or Too lenient Constitutional Laws For Political Rulership

(A) Problems That Arise From Using Too Strict Constitutional Laws or Too May Laws For Political Rule:

The Causes of Fear and Insecurity, At Some Points:

Though using of Law is good as a control and management system in a given economy, the use of too many laws are also not good. Laws often come with strict judgment, for punishing those who’ll break it. As a result, a Law or constitution of a nation can cause a lot of free lives to walk in fear. Fear is one Negative Energy which can disrupt the entire economy of a nation.

Fear will not cause them to live in freedom and that in actual fact, will lead to a curtailing of rights and privileges of the people. Fear, a negative energy leads to insecurity and human rights abuse. It looks like the subject cannot explain, or talk when having to obey every rule. This should not be, because there is no human who doesn’t have a level of weakness.

We all, by nature have a few bad problems which wasn’t from us but from nature.

Thus, to a little extent you should be excused and pardoned. It is not everything we are to be judged for. There must be more mercy than judgment, so that good will remain, or prevail.

Moreover, fear and insecurity of cause does not encourage a good relationship between the people and their leaders.

Now, understand that, when somebody fears you, he or she may not feel attracted to you, nor to get closer to you. In fact, fear brings a cold, or a stern relationship between the persons and their leaders. In the end, it does not encourage a sense of belonging. So then, the people do not see that they belong to one Family called a Nation.

His heart, or the people’s heart may not be able to stand the presence of their leaders.

Thus, fear, will not cause the people be able to ‘voice out’ their primary concerns or problems to you-yes, their deep problems which boils down in their hearts.

However, if the people cannot deeply voice out their concerns or needs to you as a result of how stern you’re, then you’re not going to get there (or to be the person of success) as a leader, because you do not understand their needs, and do not at the end, know how to meet up with their goals, needs and desires, since of a truth, your leadership as the political figure, is important based upon their goals, or their needs?

Hence, if you don’t understand their problems, due to your stern relationships with these subjects (or people), then they can’t purely submit to you nor can you attack their needs in that respect, in the event of making you successful at the end.

Therefore, a country ruling, is like the way we live in a family where the children are not afraid to live with their fathers.

In that case Strict Application of Laws, cannot make leaders rule well no matter how they think they’re successful.

So, what you’re doing, will be all wrong.

In the end, where then will be the development?

People may not be able to pour out all their grievances or feelings to you, because they may think, you think they’re weak. So that fear may cause them to get away, or will distant themselves from you.

Well, understand that, that’s how we humans are by nature; and by nature we’re weak even though we may claim we’re strong. Notice that, that was exactly what God also said and so naturally shows as a lot of His mercies, before judgment.

No matter what, understand that most people are still learning, and we leaders cannot assume they know everything right from wrong. (Indeed, it’ll shock you that people don’t know as they claim they know.) Besides, even if we know it, we must still know that it takes a lot of years for people to grow or for the average man to really move or learn forward. That is why we must show a lot of mercy.

Human Rights Infringements:

At the end of this, when fear grips the people, it infringes on their human rights; their rights of movement, speech, education, life, privacy and privileges they enjoy which nature had given them.

Therefore, the people cannot ‘come’ out of their shells should the laws be too strict, but will become coiled, as dumped or depressed people, in their shells by fear. Thus, ‘the best of them’ which can only be done through freedom, can only come, when there’s no such greater fear.


Eventually, underdevelopment:

At the end, this fear and insecurity, due to a people who’re not able to ‘fully explore’ themselves, could lead to their underdevelopment and generally to the economies underdevelopment.

Yes, it’ll lead to underdevelopment or poor growth since the people of the country will be afraid to become innovative, create or invent something which might help, for the entire development of the country. At the end the people will abandon the work for you.

So indeed, once they’re afraid to relate with you, they’ll find it difficult to support you. Meanwhile, no government can work on the economy of the country alone, if the people are feeling so afraid of them, and are feeling so reluctant. We are moral agents, and a level of space should be given to us to freely act out our uniqueness.

So, when people are not able to do to this because of strict constitutional laws it will end up hindering their progress and development.

We’ve seen this in many lands of the world, where strict political rules have not invited people to ‘really express themselves’ or feel of being ‘kept’ in cages, just because of too much restrictions through too strict laws. The slightest thing, leads up to break up of laws. Indeed, the human life must not be lived, or should be treated like that.

Yes, it further steals an amount of joy or happiness from the person’s soul, thus further killing him down on the inside.

In the end, that lack of joy, apart from insecurity, affects the person’s psychological and emotional growth, or physical development.

He or she would be feeling the ‘suppressive pain,’ but cannot express this out. Therefore, it’ll bring lack of joy in the communities of the people.

Therefore, these too strict laws affect social behavior, to finally bring down human underdevelopment. Hence, when people fear they’ll not willfully participate in the development, of the entire economy or country.

Hence, since they’re not given the chance or the right to ‘freely express themselves,’ they’ll intend abandon the works upon the leaders.

However, would you like to do all the work of the country all by yourself?

Thus, in all, fear and ‘the lack of expression’ do not make people innovative (creative) to be able to create something out of their giftings, to support the nations. Thus, it can retard the development of the country if people cannot ‘fully express’ themselves, to contribute their quota, to the Big Chunk Work, of the nations.

Therefore, in the end, this brings about low productivity from the people, because they’re in such fear, such that their purposes as humans are been realized, or never realized. This will then lead to a form of slavery. Thus, that fear can retard human and economic growth.

The Tendency of Forgetfulness:

More so, when the laws are too many it can cause people not to remember. It’s important, to note that it’s not so easy for the people to remember the laws if the laws, are too many. In that case, it’ll not also be beneficial to the people.

The Authoritative Rule:

Moreover, too Strict Laws can also mean that too much power, or authority has also been given to those at the top. Rather, we’re of knowledge that, the primary purpose of a leader, is to lay down his life for his people, and not to lay down the lives of the people. As a result of that, his primary purpose is not to laud it over humans who’re just as him, nor to corrupt himself with so much power, over people who have weaknesses as him.

So, power is the thing.

Hence, power is given to servants, who’re ready for service. It is not for raising your voice, or for Authoritative Rule.

In fact, these are some forms of leadership we’ve experienced many years ago, which are still being experienced in some parts of the world right now, igniting freedom of expression to be curtailed in many parts of the world right now, in a situation where the leaders don’t understand the living weaknesses of the people.

Thus, at the end, though the law was to provide security for the people, it had begun to provide insecurities in the lives of the people, seeing that it had become too strict, for some leaders to use.

(B) The Problems of A ‘‘Too Few Laws and Too Lenient Laws’’

Too little Use of Laws also enables people to be lawless. In fact, the people may end up becoming too free, and to also fool around. This means that it could cause both the leaders, and their laws not being respected, in the end.

Well, what if that was why some leaders thought of making the constitution or the laws too strict, when they look at these things. In all, that is also not good as far as God’s Laws of Balance, which is based upon His wisdom, are concerned.

Yes, these people could also break the laws because these laws are too less strict, and their judgments are too lenient.

So, when the laws are too lenient or too few the people can see loop holes in the laws of the state or of the economy, as not covering some important parts of the industry, or not covering some type of behaviours, actions or some practices. In the event, they may like to take the advantage of such loop holes.

Now, this will then lead to

  • Some circumstances where the lawless citizens end up taking advantage of a weak law, and end up attacking leaders and people.
  • Yes, this may equally lead to an increase in moral decadence, according to the Lord. Yes, that in itself means, there’ll not be a any proper direction for the people.
  • Yes, when the laws are equally weak some may go rampantly on demonstrations, on riots, destroying state property and lives, because they do not have any fear or respect for people nor for the leadership of the country.

Yes, it’s true that, even children and youth can take that advantage of the loopholes or the weaknesses, and walk in disrespectfulness towards the leaders of the country, or in power.

In the event, because the children or the youth may not be as educated as their elders on the land they may walk in some behaviours, which might also affect others health, and their security and through that ignorance, affect their own health and security at the end.

Therefore, these too few laws, as well as weak laws may cause grave insecurity problems within the whole borders of the country. (Such a menace will also affect the good relationship between the people, and even between themselves, and also, the healthy relationship between the people and their leaders, thus, will eventually result in the leadership tightening up the laws-yes, even sometimes, beyond what humans can bear.

Therefore, few, or too lenient statutory laws, according to God’s pattern, could also or equally affect in no doubt the progress of the land or state, being possibly what we’re also facing, in many faces in our world now.

  • In addition, not just the people, but equally, some leaders or some law enforcement agencies, state officials, rulers and public servants may take advantage of the loopholes and the weaknesses, and then will equally indulge in some similar malpractices, which could affect the developments of the state.

So then, it’s not only the young ones and the youth in their youthful age or position, could take advantage of state or country, but as well even their fathers or their leaders, in their positions, could take advantage of the ‘too few laws’ or the ‘too lenient judgments or laws,’ while all that too, is going on.

In all, both will contribute in destroying the peacefulness of the state, which is what we see now.

Of course, these are some of the practices that has equally led to some corrupt practices in some countries, and in some cases, caused some members of the state to proudly engage in embezzlement of funds, unlawful business practices, bullying, defamatory practices, a people-oppression, criminal activities, and the like.

In all, the overall leaders, or leaders of the state could take advantage of the state, or the economy, as a result of too few laws, too weak laws, or too lenient judgments.

Therefore, this is why the Bible had coughed and said that this ‘sin,’ will be a reproach to that nation.’

What then?

It equally means that, in the event, any nation which will also give up on moral training or upbringing from the domestic levels will also end up destroying that nation.

(Thus, to enable perfect behavior and instill discipline, moral education must start from the domestic levels to begin with.)

So, eventually moral sins will overburden the country, especially on the security services or on the Law Enforcement Agencies, as it will lead to a high rate of both deviant behavior and criminal offences, which will become a normal practice in the entirety of the economy.

In the end, too much freedom through ‘weak’ or through ‘very few’ laws could lead people into indulging into evil inventions, which could become very possible as a result of having too much freedom to express themselves, to act or to produce as private individuals or groups or companies.

Yes, many out of that leniency, or that ‘too much freedom,’ could create things or inventions that could tarnish the image of the country, or could pose a health, or security threat to the whole country, or to the neighbours around him. This all could go against the country, both today, or in the future.

So, too few laws, also mean that there may not be some laws, covering some other aspects or behaviors of the economies.

Leadership, according to God is not about wearing ‘a three-piece suit’ but it’s about doing things according to the Law of Balance, which is how God also leads men or equally does it. (However, we don’t mean to say you shouldn’t dress well.)

You must equally provide:

In this world, and to the most of the people, a weak leader is known as the one who cannot also provide for the people’s square meals a day.

Now, in other words, though we’re going to do all this, or will surely have to put the people’s lives into check if we leaders are also not diligent in providing the people’s ‘basic’ needs, then we’re also not going in anywhere, with our leadership.

(This means, our control over their lives, could still be broken).

(This is where it creates the tendency in our world where the leaders, also having the inability to provide ‘the full square meals for the people or for their children, leave them to break the law or to do what they want to do, in other for them to be able to find their needs, by those means or practices.

Eventually, this has increased or led to more social vices, more criminal cases, including a lot of immoral practices hanging within the walls of all the countries.

Yes, we know that when children at home cannot get their ‘3 square meals a day,’ or other basic necessities they start finding a way to be wayward.

They start becoming rebellious as a result of their needs. In likewise manner, this is also how a state, is ruined.

Once you cannot provide your laws, or words become weak, in which you might be forced to compromise in the end.

Thus, if the leaders are corrupt and wouldn’t use the country’s monies or resources to provide immensely for the state but for themselves only, they weaken their laws and valued or respected voice at the end, and in the event must expect to see some form of ‘‘darkness,’’ overshadowing the lovely and patient character of the people, and in the event will eventually tarnish and destroy the whole country, the whole world or society of people.

Yes, in the end the security of the same corrupt leaders may also be eventually jeopardized, by the same impudence, since the people hate their deeds.

(Well, a menace like this is that which we see in the current world today.)

So then, that naturally happens too to a state. (Absolutely, these are also what happen to weaken up the laws of the state, even though the law might be set well.)

(Therefore, this is why, it pays for everybody to be clean, speak the truth and help the nation at large.)

Hence, the leader’s transparency, even in unseen places is his test, for his love for his needy people.

(Absolutely it’s true that God will also look at this to reward him and to judge him in the unseen worlds. Hence, this is why God had coughed that he’s the king of all kings on the earth, and the lord of all lords on the earth; it should be as simple as this).

To God, it will be like how we have checks and balances in our world. Every stone which is unturned will be turned right side up to the glare view of all citizens.

As we are told, on that eventful day, there shall not be respecter of persons when the Supreme Ruler must judge all his leaders, and all rulers.



The Solutions By The Rule:

Now, according to the Lord, the perfect governance will be when mostly the strength of the laws, the constitutions and judgments are made moderate, but should then be made tough once a while, depending upon certain particular circumstances.

So then importantly, a judgment should not be too strict or too lenient, in that regard.

However, once a while, it must be toughened, depending on certain extreme measures that might call for it, but must importantly stay at the place of balance most of the time.

However, to God, the best form of leadership practice is to convert the Laws into a form of Knowledge.

This means that you’re educating the people, to know the differences between right from wrong giving them reasons why they should not do this nor have to do that; however, this kind of practice comes not with a harsh voice, but in most of the times with a suggestive or a lecturing voice.

Indeed, when most people learn or should be naturally educated on why most things are bad for themselves, or not good for themselves, they will find a great importance or meaning in them and out of a natural tendency of not wanting problems for themselves do what you have taught them to avoid, or to do. (In this way, the same law which could have been harsh would have been turned down into knowledge).

In other words, it should mean that, without you being there or not they will avoid such problems because they had learnt with clear-cut, great and important reasons, why what they’re going to do is going to be good for them or not, or is going to be bad for them or not, in that very instance.

So then, in the end the person shall speak knowledge and as well wisdom and, shall give good enough counsel to all others around him or her as well including all of his or her family. Such a person will do things out of confidence because he or she knows and will understand what he or she is doing, or what he or she is not supposed to do or be doing.

In that very way, you’re empowering the nation (the lives of the people), since knowledge is powerful.

So then, this road of Knowledge will be the road to the human civilizations, and the freedom of men, even from wherever they’re.

In other words this knowledge takes away fear, insecurity, reduces error, and encourages human growth, productivity, excellence in performance, which shall fully lead to individual civilization in the citizenry level, and finally to national and international civilizations, as a whole.

However, even though both of these are practiced in the world it looks like the nations, are still shifted out of the perfect Balance.

But why should that happen?

Well, some countries have become too lenient over their laws and have been allowing or giving too much rights to the citizens than it’s necessary, just because they thought the people are fully matured through knowledge, and have drawn the line between what is wrong and what is right already-through knowledge.

Well, I want to us to know that the human nature, as far as developed it may be still has very high levels of weaknesses with it mould, so that even in the midst of this knowledge, the people can still break the bounds, or laws.

Now, you cannot do that or else the people will end up having too much right to even attack you the leader.

All who demand too much or raise themselves too much it should be necessary must be humbled, and all who are too low are to be raised to their feet.

‘This is the rule of the Law of knowledge, and how it keeps everything in moderation, including the entire nation in moderation, regardless of an economy of law or of knowledge.’

Yes, beyond this moderation bounds in either way, will be self-destruction to the state, and that is what many nations are facing.

In fact, today, there are leaders who just accept to give the right to the people for just any silly thing they would want to enjoy in our world today and in their ignorant knowledge of civilization or freedom.

O yes; they’ve not understood that, the human hearts are bound to do things out of balance, and must still be down to be controlled.

You are not to make that which is wrong instantly right and eventually, that which is right eventually becomes wrong in the name of knowledge or civilization, and think you’ll lead them up, to the place of civilization by an imperfect or stinking information.

Therefore, leaders must understand that, if something is all wrong it shall always remain bad or wrong regardless. Similarly, if something is good, it shall always remain very good.

We may not change the old landmark in the stage of knowledge, because it’ll be as though condoning evil in the time of Law when law was our rule.

Yes, knowledge is to expose ‘wrong,’ not to ever condone our negative attitude or evils, or nothing will much change for the nation, even in this latter stage of civilizations through this reign of knowledge.

So then what have we done, today?

Yes, today we’ve used some part of our knowledge to condone some ‘evils,’ making them seem right at this stage of our civilizations or knowledge, to a point that, many people had assumed what has been in our former ages of laws might have been the complete or full errors, or eventually the cause of our evils.

However, as long as error is error, irrespective of whether there’s this new grace (the freedom of rights), or there’s the availability of a Good Knowledge to expose them, if you still live your life through knowledge, yet in error it shall still not annihilate the dire consequences of un-civilization.

Yes, by so doing many are falling sick and are dying by it, even as at these so-called times of our world-information age.

Yes, it’s our information age, but the truth has not been so deduced by us, so we definitely perish.

Hence, we can see that the moral fabric of great nations are fast breaking down and perishing as a result of this which will in turn affect the nation dearly in the near future due to the unrealized practices.

Yes, so then, the human soul of course has the tendency of going off balance though there’s still civilization by our knowledge, but that must still be fully controlled by us, as I’ve explained here.

Well, as for the people, because of sometimes their selfish goals or ambitions and because they think they also know the law, they can cause you to break bounds, demanding you legalize some unwanted or unnatural practices or events beyond the level of moderation, which is this all-time perfection. So then, freedom doesn’t mean that there mustn’t be control, or it’ll still lead to unwanted miscalculated consequences which we might not have expected.

As a result, unfortunately, when you are a leader and should allow or permit this, you’ve gone beyond the level of balance or natural parameters, and you’re spear-heading the nation into unwanted practices, which ends the country in the slavery of darkness, which your baby law was initially trying to avoid or fight.

Yes, though you must also be able to educate the people, but in no wise must you allow them go beyond what is beyond balance range just because they would like to overly explore the new world of grace or human civilizations because of their inordinate lusts or affections, or their uncontrolled desires or passions.

Well, if you do that, in this case the Laws will neither be too strict any longer, nor as at when it’s needed and will also not be found in the moderation levels which should have led to their human protections, developments and perfections.

Yes, you must understand that beyond this concrete rule, leadership, developmental and as well societal problems will immediately arise, as we see today with no doubts.

We’re not supposed to be lured by how freedom is nice to this average soul, and by so doing increase the freedom radar more than necessary, because no matter what, things can go against the person just as everything that is often too much or too little, appears to be bad.

So therefore, we must not break reason, and this is also why the Lord had said through Paul, saying:

‘‘Grace does not mean that we must sin…’

And in another place He says’

‘‘All things are Lawful but not all things are expedient.’’ (Rom. 6:15; 1 Cor. 10:23)


Yes, by then, He was talking to a people of grace.

So then, where the laws are too strict it would be better to reduce the level of strictness, and keep them within the borders or boundaries of moderation.                                            Man should not be deprived of almost all natural freedom, neither man should also be given almost all freedom in order to stay in peace.

However, between knowledge and Law, knowledge is better, but once a while, the application of Law with its strict judgments should be used, when the borders beyond balance are crossed so that men stay within the levels of moderation, to keep the country in safety.

(For a leader, to know what is right or wrong in which He must adopt as the constitution, He must endeavour use the law of balance). The Law of Balance immediately shows what is safe for the country or for the people, and what is not safe or needful for the people, even though it may be different from what the people think. So, that’s why it’s called the Law of Perfection or Wisdom, which is also what God even uses in control of lives and properties.)


Checks And Balances Must Be Expected Amongst All Peoples:

In the same way, in the expectation of perfect control in the country the Lord said that more powers should be given to parents, who must start leading and keeping their children in the right and peaceful borders, to become a norm for everyone in the society. Yes, they must be in the leadership, by leading them, training them and judging them in the boundaries of perfection, to cause them to both understand their rights and are to know their limits.

This is because, when children of the country are not taught from their primary or domestic levels to know their borders of civilization, they could equally grow with the wrong understanding of rights and freedom, as they could be influenced by deviants or others.

When stubborn children are still not corrected with the rod of correction to stay in the moderation zone, they easily rise strongly in ignorance, to become the menace, who break bounds and start leading the house into such jeopardy.

That means, the training must still start from the house, but not from the walls of a mile-stone classroom or they may as well cause enough trouble, there. The future of the nation starts by these important happenings. How many students can a teacher control if he’s surrounded by a list of over 30 different children from all walks of life when she’s also having a hard time controlling all her children?

Equally, power should be given to seniors and elders of the communities to actually help in keeping one another in the check, as no citizen of that country must be above that reason or that legal rule, whatsoever.

However, how can we an elder of that country tell a youth to do what is right, when we elders of that land, will not check ourselves, and do what is right at least, for all the surrounding people to understand such an adopted lifestyle, and see?

For this very reason, whether we’re elders, younger ones or younger adults, we’re all to live by example, with this specific wisdom, and to equally act out responsibly through the sound wisdom, for there to be happy moments in our lands.

This we can only do through shear love, by knowing or understanding the borders of our limits while we follow all the given rules of the land, for utmost peace and security.

Yes, the grey and white-headed elders, must be the sure check over the younger body or populace, while eventually they must also be in abiding, by the specific rule or their voices will not be heard, or anymore stronger, for the lack of becoming good role models, which is by crossing the borders of human civilization, by going beyond the perfect limits or beyond the moderation levels.

Of course, none is above the law or rule of life.

How then do we advice someone’s children, when they absolutely cannot see us keeping ourselves in such controls?

Therefore, as the saying goes, our actions will speak louder than our words, in anywhere and in any corner of the world while we’re being seen, or not even seen.

Under the normal circumstances, our actions are what people will see and respect any given day, regardless of who, where and which home we come from, not first our words any longer.

The worlds have grown pass the words, while they understand that talk is absolutely cheap, on every given day.

Yes, that supposes that, a leader’s responsibility is absolutely beyond words, but it’s in the absolute character even in the hiding places.

Hence, every adult or elder abiding by the rules of the land, should become ‘role models’ for the youth or the younger who’re to see or behold in society to follow, but in no wise should you force the ones you’re older than, to do things they cannot see or behold in you, instead.

Well, this is why no one (and I do repeat, no one) is above the rule, yes from the domestic levels right to the top. Yes, every leader from all the circles must rule by this rule. Yes, the fact that by dint of right, we may have certain basic privileges than the others, or than our followers, may not mean we are equally beyond checks; beyond the given checks of moderation or life.

Therefore, our naturally understood privileges in this respect cannot override our responsible character which must serve as the role modelling guide to all as a reading book, for both followers and other leaders now, or in the future.

Yes-everyone is a leader, and everyone’s leadership is as a reading book, being beheld by the others, by others near or in the distances.

Yeah, we cannot be overly proud just because we think we’re better.

We’re all not better; we’re all under the checks and reasonable knowledge, under such balance, to bring us that form of economic and social developments which we’re heavily expecting throughout the ages.

Indeed, this important rule of balance, is needed by all even when there’s no leader by or near you, or your mistakes through your own irresponsible character, will still bring you down into miscalculated, dire and deadly unwanted consequences.

O yes, by the rule of wisdom, we’re to live in the right way regardless of the bowlful of knowledge currently surrounding us, in our modern civilizations, pal.

You must live the right way, and determinedly plant your body, life and soul in this pure wisdom bro.

To God Be The Awesome Glory And Honour,

And More Peace To Your Elbows.

Life Touch Your Soul.



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