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Global Peace & Security Issues: How To Bring Back ‘‘Peace” Into The Global Village

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Global Peace & Security Issues: How To Bring Back ”Peace” Into The Global Village


‘‘Peace comes through the demonstration or the practice of genuine love, that must exist amongst us.’’

So, for there to be peace, love must exist among ourselves.

Now, if we should carry weapons around to suppress evil, but do not make it a diligence to live in love and in respect towards all other people, we will still not obtain our goal of seeing peace in the whole world.


Secondly, if we all speak of peace but do not make it a diligence to be good or kind others, while trying to deceive them, or while trying to cheat or take advantage of them, we will still not see peace in our world. How will peace prevail within our midst?

So then, for peace to be seen, then ‘‘love’’ and ‘‘respect,’’ must be fully demonstrated, by all of us.

Yet, for love to be fully demonstrated, there must be sacrifices and some of these sacrifices will be quite costly; it is something we are to expect.

We must not be high minded and sometimes we should think of the interest of others first; other than that, this will bring factions, misunderstandings and finally derail us from the track of true peace.

So, when we talk of genuine love, it means that we are to be ready to lay down our lives for others. Therefore, the question we must each ask ourselves is: ‘‘Do I care about people or just care about myself?’’

You are to ask yourself, whether you only care about your interests or about the interests of others. It means, the number of people who will be able to answer these questions correctly will reveal the number of people who are truly going to walk in unconditional love.

We won’t see peace (as a world), if we keep insulting ourselves. Rather, it will be possible if we should speak kindly to all that are around us. We must understand that, they are our direct brothers, for the Maker had loved, and formed them according to His image and likeness. They were created uniquely or specially to reveal a certain aspect of God’s fearsome Glory.

However, if we do not get the majority of people in the world answering these questions correctly as it is supposed to be, then we are to conclude that the world is lying going to lie in a devastated state.

War, will not be so much away from us.

Nevertheless, should the majority of the world get these questions correctly, where they understand that they wouldn’t have to treat all others in the ways they also wouldn’t like to be treated, and thereby acting upon this keen mindset as a strong belief, then the walls of this world will become calm as it has been deemed to be. The walls of these nations will receive the light they have been given.

In short, we are to walk in love, by respecting one another, so we can fulfil our untouchable agenda of seeing much lights, life and calmness within the walls of our nations and within the length and breadths of our worlds.

Understand that, today, the world is waiting to be loved as it is sick of hatred and evil running through it. Now, when I say the world, I mean the planets and everything inclusive, for the way we treat ourselves also shows how we treat these peaceful elements too.

For a long time now, even these silent creations or elements of matter around us, have not ‘‘peace’’ because we have really destroyed enough of them; meanwhile, their cries are incommunicable.

If we want to show true love, then we must demonstrate it, and that demonstration should involve continuous sacrifices, which are to come from genuine efforts only, without any form of strings we will attach.

While the world is waiting to be loved, it is all going to depend upon each of us. The world can become peace, without the proliferation of weapons, if genuine love is heighted as a major concern.

True genuine love, which is love for one another, together we can achieve this goal.

It’s a goal in the hearts.

Walk in genuine love, and together, let us boldly change the future of this world, together.




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