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What God Considers A Good Exercise

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 What God Considers A Good Exercise


It was surprising for me to hear from God that, visiting the gym frequently to regularly workout, is not the right way He’s created for mankind; that physical build-up, is not the right way to burn fat, or to train up your body.

According to God, the perfect or the best way is through your daily work. As you’re up and doing, engaging in your life’s work, your body is undergoing exercises, which are enough to burn the fats running inside your body. That activity, with good exercises, solves everything.

Now, according to the Spirit, the type of work He had ‘built’ and created for mankind, wasn’t the type that was sedentary.

They had created a more field-based type of occupation or job for human beings, which should mostly develop their bodies.

Honestly, the way we are running our economies now, is totally wrong, make us lose the healthy stature of our bodies, a reason why most people want to work-out so hard, to catch up with everything the body has lost for years: should they be active with field jobs, it wouldn’t have been so. It is said that, most men and women who’re into sedentary kind of work, regardless of how much they earn, do it at the expense of their health; that’s why it’s known that, sedentary workers, due to their inability to exercise ‘‘perfectly,’’ are faced with the most life-threatening diseases, such as, cancers, diabetes, hypertensions and several of them. So then, we balancing our working culture and economic structure to be more ‘field-based,’ would drastically reduce these diseases, as we daily indulge in this rather ‘‘perfect’’ exercising system God had created for us.

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