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Investing into Your Own Businesses or Buying Financial Securities: Which Ones Are Better?

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Investing into Your Own Businesses or Buying Financial Securities: Which Ones Are Better?

You can actually start a business from scratch, and lose your whole money. eventually. It is equally possible to invest money into some kind of financial security, and lose almost all your money. In actual fact, both can have high and low success rates.

You could as well start with little income or capital, and grow the business from the scratch to the top, by reinvesting your profits or as well, while acquiring a loan assistance to do that.

Meanwhile, if you should put the same little income into buying financial securities, you may not get anything substantial in return for so many years.

It may take almost your entire life on earth for that money to mature, should it be a long term financial investment. Moreover, it is also not advisable to invest a loan into a financial security, with the intent of generating money.

This means,  financial securities demand a huge sum of money for investment, should you really want to gain something from it, while there are still future risks.

Meanwhile, your own business could do well even with little, should you do everything right that needs to be done in business.  (Yet, with this too, you can still lose).

So, this is how my advice will be:

First and foremost, try to start your own business with the small capital you have. Read, Learn and acquire the necessary wisdom to enable you prosper this business.

If the business becomes profitable, then you can think of using some of the huge returns to invest into those financial Securities, mostly, those with lower risks but high gains-both in the long and short runs. For instance, Fixed Deposit.

However, if you do have the money for both the security and to start the business alongside, then you can think of doing both to generate money, in both present and future times.

Moreover, with regards to your business, just try to find about the businesses which move faster in your locality, which do have lower risks but also with high gains, to invest your monies into it.

For example; real estate.

So, you may decide to engage in a number of these high earning businesses with lower risks, to maximize your profits. To engage in multiple business may save your capital, should one business collapses: after all, it is not advisable to place all your eggs in one basket.

In this case, you’re learning from the rich, who do not do only one business, but invest into multiple high earning business enterprises.

Now, the more your profit margin grows, the better to invest into some of these other high paying securities, which yield well over a time; for example, Treasury Bills, Bonds and some type of Shares.

Therefore, engaging your capital into multiple businesses enterprises with low risks but well paying, as well those securities with low risks, but equally well paying, including consistent personal savings, should be your best bet.

Think about this advise for a moment.


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