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A Business Idea: Strategically Take Your Monthly Income To The Top

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Okay, let us say you are working for a reputable company. Your boss deals with so, so and so service or product. You’d like to take a new turn.

In order to gain more on what you earn as a monthly income or salary, just set up a website, write good reviews and reports about his services or products. Then add convincing images of these services or products and then run up your own marketing campaigns on them through digital systems. So, if it is a service or product that could be retailed, you could add your profits and sell them on your new listed price.

Now, when customers purchase through you, they buy these services or products your listed price.

That means, aside what you are earning from your boss, you could get an extra income from this.

You may equally use your WhatsApp statuses to market the products or services. You could list them as well on Ad-classified sites.

What about creating a mini flyer or even a mini-ad newspaper to market them? To create one, buy a ream of A4 sheets. Task a designer to make mini flyer or newspaper mock-up design for you.

Use your home printer to print the designs on these A4 sheets; or to make it easy, take the designs to a printing company for them to neatly print them out for you. With the printouts, share or distribute them to anyone you see around with your number boldly written on them, so all sales can pass through you.

Finally, you could run Facebook ads or other social media or digital marketing ads, to equally reach more people.

In short, aside what you were earning, you have started a new business on the side, to make some passive income. If this business is profitable, you may decide to even use a part of your monthly salary to purchase them from the shop, before reselling.

In fact, there are times when some people petition their bosses or employers for increment of salaries if they should do some extra work in selling the company’s products and services. Due to this, you could come into an agreement with your boss for salary increment.

This idea too could land you into a better marketing or employee position in the office. Who knows, this could lead you to promotion with a better pay in your hands than at first, should your boss see or become aware of all that you are trying to do behind the scenes, to promote their services or products to other markets.

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