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Do Not Invest So Much Into Your Wedding Ceremonies

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The wedding; it’s S I M P L E

This is the picture of George Bush’s daughter’s wedding. Rich, but he made it simple. (I saw this picture and marvelled).

The Lord then said to me, that ‘Do not invest so much into social functions.’ According to Him, you don’t need to also invest so much into a social function like a wedding ceremony.

A considerable number of people had invested so much into this ceremony, such that, after the ceremony was over, they couldn’t have enough to spend on themselves as a couple.

The marriage is the real thing; not the wedding.

The ‘wedding’ is a means to an end. So then, couples should be careful on how they invest so much into these wedding ceremonies. We don’t need to do things in an extravagant way to attract or please all eyes. You’re required to do it simple, with the presence of the right people around, while making sure you’re fulfilling all primary marital requirements given to us, by Heaven.

It is seriously important that around these times, we endeavour to cut down our costs, and to save a lot of money in this journey. Don’t spend too much, on the actual wedding day!


Save considerably enough for the future ”success” of the marriage. According to the Lord, keep much to yourself. Then He was like, if in the near future He should bless you guys, then you as the man (husband), can think of buying her all the expensive jewelleries and clothing she needs; but for now, save much, to begin with the actual journey of this marriage.


Small Budget Wedding


At that time, everyone will praise your name and say that, ever since you guys got married, your husband has been able to take care of you.

However, supposing you blew all that during the occasion, but lacked enough to take care of your wife, the community shall laugh at you.

Therefore, think of a small budget wedding and keep the rest of that resource to yourself, so both of you can develop your home and yourselves, truly well. After all, kids too may be soon coming into the picture.


Small Budget Wedding (Pic. B)


Let us understand that, marriage is more or less an assignment between two people, than pleasing a crowd of strangers and friends. No matter what, the advice is that, keep it on low budget. Once her family understands that she’s your partner, and there is every confirmation from the Almighty, that you guys need to be in one sock, then the marriage needs not to be delayed no matter the circumstances.  We need not look for the whole world’s money to conduct this divinely approved marriage.

Family, friends or neighbours should not get in the way of this kind of marriage. Money, shouldn’t be a barrier either, if simplicity will be fully considered by all respected parties. Often times, trust me, even Big or Giant weddings can be really ugly, while the very low budgeted ones, like in the pictures above, appear just royal-and on top of it all, perfect.

The Lord God had advised, to do a low budget wedding around these times, to save more money and as well, other resources.

Thank you.


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