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Here Is A Good Business Idea With Ad-Classified Sites

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This is a new business idea to start from home around these times of economic hardships.

Now, in this type of business, though you do not or may not have a physically located shop on your own, you can as well operate it.

So, what do you do?

Go to a production house or to the wholesaling markets to pick economic products at very cheap prices, which you think your ‘small capital’ can afford to buy.
(Often, the production centres or the wholesale markets sell both products and services at relatively cheaper prices or rates, than you buying them from retailers or from middle men).

When you get back home, take pictures of these items and post or list them on ad-classified sites which are available in your country. For example, and

Please understand that, these online business markets which are now in town have created a ‘free’ marketplace for us already.  So then, we do not have to or need to even rent a shop for ourselves.

This means that, you have the liberty to sit at home, open your ‘shop’ on these shopping centres to directly sell your services or products. 

Already, the average classified site has a lot of visits throughout the world or in countries they are found.

(This explains why you can make them your business places without even moving an inch from home or from your house).

So, as these people come to these classified sites to post their ads, to shop, or to browse through listings, chances are, they may see your products and may immediately pick your contacts to give you a call.


Tips To Help You In This Business Model

Okay, so now, let me show you some good tips which will make you sell tonnes of products on these classified sites right away, right at the comfort of your homes. 

(A) To sell faster on these platforms, go ahead and search by keywords to see which products people are mostly searching for or viewing on most of these ad-classified sites.

Surely, you can know this by the number of favourites (loves), likes and social shares on those specific products, as you browse through the pages or click on these ads.

This will obviously help you to know which products or services you should be going in for, from these production houses or companies or from these wholesaling companies.

 Thus, this will help you get to know which obvious markets you must get into with your small invested capital, so you do not waste your money. (All you need to do is to study the markets on these platforms).

(B) Secondly, as you are operating your businesses on these sites, you may also have to update your ads, by deleting and updating them most often, usually after every two weeks.

This plan is to get your services and products mostly in the domain of often being seen. This always keeps your ads fresh.

You will notice that on the majority of these ad-classified sites, the average ad expires at the end of the month. Similarly, your ad too could also be buried, since there are many people posting on top of yours. Often, these classified sites are very huge marketplaces, so people do find themselves there.

(C) The third good idea I can help you with, which can help you to sell more and faster on these classified sites, is for you to think of pricing your products and services at relatively cheaper prices in that particular niche or category you are listing yours, so that countless visitors may channel to yours and buy from your ‘shop,’ instantly.

Now, this is why I said that, you should go for your products from the wholesaling markets; because the only way you can sell them at relatively or comparatively cheaper prices, is to directly pick them from the wholesaling markets or from their production houses. You are to understand that, most often than not, the shoppers who come to those classified sites are mainly looking for the cheapest and the coolest prices on these digital platforms.

So then, as you do this, you will obviously meet them at the point of their search.

This is also a quick home start-up business we can operate and it surely does not cost much for us to operate, because it is right from home.

So then,  Ad-classified sites are the online or digital marketplaces for all the physical marketplaces you see around you, which you can do business with.

Thank you!


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