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Do not Invest So Much Into Your Naming Ceremonies

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Do not Invest So Much Into Your Naming Ceremonies

Like the weddings, our out-doorings or naming ceremonies (as well as any other event or social function) should be something we do on small budgets. This was also part of what the Lord shared with me.

The upkeep of the child, which will involve so many responsibilities, is that which matters. Honestly, you do no need to spend the ‘real money’ on what people will eat or drink, which will last in just an hour or two.

Well, why should you invite all your school friends and everybody in your locality to this social function?

The Lord explained to me, that ‘showing off’ is one of the reasons why people falter from the true wisdom of life.’

We’re supposed to live frugally, making sure we’re always doing the right investments in life. In life, we rather invest more into events and projects that bring back returns. A naming ceremony is not one of those ceremonies which will bring you an Instant Return. 

Hence, you should do it simple: just name your child, and you should give him a name which is well befitting.

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