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Become A Top Notch Applicant In Prime Job Markets

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Become A Top Notch Applicant In Prime Job Markets

In recent days, employees do not just employ people based on their skills or based on the academic qualifications they have. Now, if you want to attract all employees (almost all of them), as a top-notch applicant in any particular field or sector, then create something or a product with the academic skills you have, which may captivate the interest of that industry.

Now, if you’ve been able to do that, you’ll realize that all employees will begin to envy you. Certainly, they will want you in their space with what you have created.

So, do not just write an application for employment. Employers are now fed-up with that! Therefore, to have an upper hand, create an important product from the skills you’ve acquired in school.

You can present such ‘creative products’ during the job interviews or state it in your C.Vs.

The moment you do that, you’ll become a top-notch applicant in that field of endeavour. Jobs or companies will come seeking after you. All employees are seeking for people solving problems, having experience under their sleeves, not just fresh graduates.

Hence, the easiest and  fastest way to find a job is to implement this strategy right now. Moreover, this strategy can let you land a great ‘Business Contract’ from a potential investor out there in the markets; this in the end, is making you immediately become a great boss of your own created products.

Well, are you really seeking for a job? Do you want to see employers begging you to have you and your content in their office, and not you rather being at their mercy, then invent or create a resourceful product today. Identify a problem in your industry, and then create a product to solve it right away.

Should you do this, you’re on your way to success.

This product doesn’t have to big nor expensive; it just have to be right. In fact, it could even be a hypothetical idea, that can bring a lot of salient results. (It is possible that if your product or idea is so good enough, the governments can come after you). The news media may come after you to cover your story. At this stage, you may chance on any job that you want. Believe you me; there are some employers who will demote old, unproductive or inefficient workers to give you their space.

Through that creation, you could as well receive a fast promotion in that field or job, than workers who were already there.


Advice To Students

This is how I advice students; while in the tertiary, start coming up with an idea to create something to change the industry in which your course finds itself, so that by the time you graduate from the walls of school, you’ll already become a top-notch applicant as simply explained above.

You may even be making money with your ‘creative products’ before you graduate from school, making it easier to pursue your dreams right after that.

So now, this is how we can use one stone to kill many birds in the job markets, giving the applicant the upper hand, instead of job-owners.

Start this idea, right away!


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