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Engage In More Than One Investment

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Engage In More Than One Investment 

While you’d like to expand just by engaging yourself in one investment in your life, it is certainly not going to help you grow and meet all of your challenges in this life.

Therefore it is advisable to ‘Cast your bread UPON MANY WATERS for you will find it after many days.” Eccl. 11:1

So then, try to engage yourself in several business ventures and expand your scope quickly.

Try to engage in many investments by opening your own businesses, as well as investing into a number of lucrative financial securities.

It is not appropriate to do too many at a time. Start with those you can, to start yielding  at DIFFERENT TIMES of the year or in both long and short runs.

So, in short, the idea is to spread your investments across board to yield in various times of the year. 

So, as you cast your bread on many safe Flowing Waters, in the near future you will also have many safe Flowing Waters bringing or returning you bread for meals.

Invest in multiple things.


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