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Be An Affiliate Marketer From Home For Town Companies

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Now, one of the ways to start a business with almost no money, is to enter into the affiliate kind of business. This kind of business by a basic definition, is to look for target-customers for a particular product for a given company you’ll personally choose to affiliate with.

In other words, every company no matter what their goal is, is to look out for customers or buyers for their produced products or services. Obviously marketing too is also a difficult thing for most of them nowadays.

So, then what?

Well, you can go into contract with any of these companies at all, be it Big or Small companies, to market or to look out for customers for them or for their products.

There, you should come into an agreement with them, that with any purchase these clients or customers make through you, they can give you a cut from their profits WHICH WILL BE BASED ON THE AGREED COMMISSION on each unit PRODUCTS OR SERVICE sold.

Of course-these products could be bags, shoes, dresses, knives, pens and many other stuffs or business products. Yeah, it could be BIG THINGS as well, such as houses (or homes), cars, an expensive phone, a land, or a television. (Of course, these ones should probably fetch you more than those pens, books and dresses, or the smaller ones.

So then, if you want more money or bigger commissions, then I’ll advice you to venture more into the big products.

However, the small ones should earn you some quicker passive income if sales of the bigger ones are not forthcoming.

So then, it’s all about you standing up, walking up to these companies, and then deciding to go into an agreement with them, which is to sell their company’s products.

From here, I’ll also suggest to you that you go online, and then read on some good marketing tips, on how to sell these people’s products and services. Just Google; you’ll find some good tips or results.

Of course, you may also check out for some of these tips, ideas and strategies on our site here, Love Hall News. (We are here to make you prosper).

Understand that, even 30 minutes of reading free Master tips from here or from Google, could help you in selling effortlessly, and in no time. You’ll surely; it’ll not only be locally, but internationally.

So in short, though you’re not the one going to use your money to make those products or services, yours is to go into CONTRACT with them, to sell their products and services, for we know that, these companies consistently and badly needs sales.

So just get up and prepare yourself and go to them right now!

So, remember to go into some paper works with them and with their legal concessions start selling, or start marketing their businesses for them.

(In short, you have become one of their marketing companies, which they’re going to rely on).

You can do this today, and there are a lot of companies out there, both big and small ones, who definitely want their products and services to be marketed for them, especially in these hard times.

Now, here are some of the easy ways you can sell or market their products or services:

  1. First and foremost, If you were a group of unemployed graduates or students, or citizens who’ve planned to go into this business, one of the easy ways to quickly sell these company’s products and services, is to come together and undergo into a massive business campaign on the streets of business towns. Now, to  actually go about this, you’ll have to buy one ream of an A4 sheet paper; print out MINI-AD NEWS PAPERS OR FLYERS with details of the company’s products and services upon each of them. Then go about with your distributions.
  2. However, to get many more ad-papers for your campaigns, you can divide the A4 papers into halves to have the ads rather printed on A5 sizes,  just so that, you can distribute more Ads papers. Some of these ads papers could be pasted around.

Yet, to always ensure that that sales passes through you, use your personal contacts instead.

  1. Now, this second marketing and advertisement plan I’m about to teach you, will not also cost you so much money, as the first.

This is, go on an Ad-Classified sites of your choice in your country; then, list all the products and services there with descriptions.

Over here in my country, we have do have and

Anyway, which ad-classified site do you have in your country? (Tell us in the comment section).

Remember to use your personal contact numbers, when listing those products or services, so that all purchases will be made through you. (After all business marketing, do involve middlemen).

Trust me, you’ll get calls from time to time, and purchases will be made through you.

After this, you may start sharing these ads on Social Media Communities and Groups, WhatsApp Groups, on Online Forums, Twitter and on Instagram, to grow your campaign.

Now, if should do this well, it is possible that later on, business companies by looking at your sales track records, could come chasing after you for great marketing offers, which could be highly paying indeed.

  1. Also, if you want, you could pay for Instagram or Facebook ads, to allow thousands to see these products. Just imagine how your life will be changed, if the demands are so good per the numbers?

Eventually, this whole thing can turn out to be your BIG MARKETING and ADVERTISEMENT COMPANY for you, which serves various kinds well-established businesses across the length and breadth of town.

Well, do you need to rent a whole Big Office Space for this whole new company or business?

Certainly not; it’s not really necessary.

You could convert a part of your home or house into that Business office location. You don’t need to go around paying so much for an office location.

So, why not get up to start considering this business.


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