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Business Idea: Become A Sound Or Video Editor

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Start a Video Editing and a Sound Editing Business.

Now, it is quite easy to do this.


First, try do download some free Video and Sound Editing Apps and Software  from Google Play Store and from Google Search Engine, onto your phone and computer, respectively.

You can find several free video editing and audio editing software on those two platforms, if you search very well.

WavePad and Audacity are two audio recording and editing software you can acquire in free versions, to download.

For video, perhaps you could download Wondershare, Animoto, Kinemaster onto your handheld smartphone or computer.  You could try downloading  Power Director as well, which is one of my favourites.

From here, log on to YouTube to watch countless video tutorials on how to create or edit audios and videos with these editing apps and software I’d stated above. Watch videos from beginner levels to the advanced levels, whole practicing them on those software and apps.

Once you master the art of video and audio editing to perhaps the intermediary stage, you can start using your skills to engage into business, in order to start making money right away.

Also, to get orders or market for your business, start posting beautiful ads about your services on WhatsApp groups you belong to and on ad-classified sites. As well, create posters to paste around or create flyers with A4 sheets to share to friends, to your family and everyone around. Finally, advertise advertise your businesses on social media sites, as well.

What’s next?

Try to convert your room into both a working and sleeping studio at the same time to host this business, if you don’t have space. So, in the day time, you’ll change the set-up into a working space (environment), while at night, you’ll convert it back into your sleeping area. This  is how we start a Multimedia Business from the scratch.

Over time, you’ll grow it to the top, when you make a lot of profits.


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