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Business Idea: Start Selling Bales

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Here in my country, there are markets for both stores-rejected goods, especially, for shoes and for clothing.

Those who ship in these products sell them in bulk as Bales. A bale of 500-1000 products is sold at cheaper prices on the markets, ranging from 25 dollars to 60 dollars, depending upon the quality of bale, which is often based on the quality of items inclusive.

Such products are picked up by people, who retail them to other markets.

Yes, and incredibly, a single product from that bale could be sold for 5-10 dollars. (So, looking at the cost to start such a business and also by comparing it to its huge profit margins, it pays for one to engage into this kind of clothing business).

Retailers are able to make 100s to 1000s of dollars in a single day, should they get a rush on such picked-up clothing products.  

What do you think?

Will you try this cheap, but lucrative business as well?

To be honest, most of these used products or store-rejected products, are never bad at all; sometimes, they are rather considered to be mostly quality, making customers prefer them to these whole or intact ones.

You could try this one.


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