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5 Things To Do To Make Great Gains In Your Businesses In These Hard Economic Times

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5 Things To Do To Make Great Gains In Your Businesses In These Hard Economic Times


Are you currently having challenges in your business?

Is this making you feel so uncomfortable?

If you find yourself in that position, then, there are a number of things you can do to resuscitate your business, especially in these difficult times. In this post, I’m going to share some few salient points with you which I believe can be very helpful to your business enterprise.

Below are a few of these points:


(A) Indulge in Mass Marketing Campaigns:

It may be true that one of the reasons why your business is not soaring so high these days could be the fact that, not so many know about your business, contrary to what you may have assumed.

You may have ‘exhausted’ the clients in your community, but without knowledge. So, this time round, you need to move further to get a wider market.

To do this, you need to probably engage in a mass marketing campaign.

These campaigns could be in two ways-mass digital marketing and traditional marketing campaigns, to advertise your business products and services. Even though TV and radio adverts are very good and a part of traditional marketing campaigns, we’re not suggesting you should go into those ones.

The simplest way will be to creative beautiful business flyers with A4 paper types, to share in the market.

In other words, you’re taking your time to spread the message.

Well, it doesn’t cost too much to design or create these A4 paper types of flyers. As well, it works well to bring in potential customers.

The other level, is to engage in a mass digital marketing. With this, you create them on Facebook, Instagram and others, to sound the voice of your businesses to a wider marketplace, which we find online.

You may also decide to post your business Ads on free classified sites.


(B) Pricing:

It has been realized that a lot of people are pricing things too high these days, and this is likely to affect their sales.

The Lord once advised me: ‘Build A Quality Product, But Sell It Cheap.’

In simply means that, you may be tempted to price your quality product too high, just for the fact that it is original or quality. I learnt from His advice that, no matter how quality your product or service is, should your customers find it difficult to afford it, it’ll surely affect your business sales.

According to the Lord, most people will;

  1. Sell an inferior product very expensive.
  2. Sell an inferior product very cheap
  3. Or sell a quality product, very expensive.

However, they don’t like selling a ‘‘quality product relatively cheaper.’’ Meanwhile, the moment a quality product becomes cheaper, this will draw much of the market to it. In this case, when you’re running your campaigns, with your business selling a quality product less expensive or inexpensive, it draws a lot of customers. (Immediately, your product or service may be in high demand, due to the cool prices; there your business will experience growth and you’ll start making profits.) So, imagine you selling or creating a quality product in which everybody is able to buy or afford, you won’t miss a day in which there won’t be sales, even though the times seem to be hard.

In short, this is what the global market is turning into; those who seem to be selling inferior products inexpensive, or inferior products but expensive, and quality products but too expensive, are the ones secretly dwindling in business. However, those who shall take the pain to sell a quality product but cheap, while they find a way to make profits through it all, (like large scale-selling), will be those making the money over time.

As we speak, nowadays people are looking for the things they are in need of, but afford them, as things are becoming expensive. It is so critical that, should your product be priced 1$ higher than your competitor, they may bypass your shop to go to the other. In fact, even the rich are finding ways to cut down their expenditures on the markets. If that isn’t the case, why are big companies which are owned by them, are laying off workers, rendering countless people jobless? This is a case going on all over the world!

It is also a reason why, the average customer will wait for times of huge discount sales, such as Black Fridays, Christmas and New Year Day, to buy those products and services they need. Why?

This is because, these are the times we end up seeing a quality product’s price being discounted or reduced, which fits what God is saying.

Now, to sell a quality product cheap, yet affordable for every customer, break them down into smaller sections, subscriptions, and portions.

By selling such products and services in smaller units, the average customer may afford to have it, and will be made to pay for more when they need more. Should we try to do things in this way, things can work out for us; we’ll not struggle in business. It also means that, we are satisfying the mindset of an average customer, which is, ‘‘I want to get this original or quality service or product, but with my less money.’’


(C) Repackage Your Products Or Services:

‘Life is all about attraction,’ the Lord unveiled this other secret to me. You sell more if you get your packaging and designs right! I am sure you’ve heard of this popular saying, that ‘‘A book sells by its cover.’’

It means that, sales may not flow enough if the title of the book is not catchy nor attractive enough, to catch interests of the customers.

No matter what you do, if your product’s packaging is not attractive nor well-pleasing to the eye, this can dwindle down the number of your customers.

The Lord explained that, we must also try to make product covers or packages which will be the ‘first,’ to captivate the attention of all customers, who walk into a room of other competitive products.

Should you do this, these people will pick up the product without you having to them. In fact, they’ll ask about its price, just because they’ll wish they can have it. Therefore, your product should ‘‘self-market or advertise’ itself, even when you’re not telling anybody about it.

People do know how to spot good things when they come across them.

So, to see whether your product packaging is very catchy or attractive enough, add them to other competitive products inside a shop.

Then ask others, to walk into the shop to pick the product among the lists, which best meets their eyes, according to package. (To make sure you’re receiving sincere results, you don’t have to let them know yours is part of the list).

Should your packaged product be picked up several times with excitement and love by these (mostly anonymous) people, then you have a strong product packaging design. In the same way, your product will make people curious and break down competitive attractions, and that will generate a lot of interests. When your product has a better or a stronger attractive look, then mass marketing campaign, with surely an ‘understandable good pricing’ system, which we had spoke about, will drive so much interests into the hearts of these customers, leading to so much sales.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that, if you do not have a good or serene place of conducting such businesses, this can draw your customers away, though you may produce a quality product. Customers also take hygiene into consideration.


(D) Build / Produce Quality:

‘‘Quality Doesn’t Talk Much.’’

The above is a saying I once formed.

If you are not selling the right product, it breeds a lot of fear into you, as you may be afraid that people may not buy from you, if they suspect that. They may definitely suspect, as they’re the ones going to consume the product to access its levels of satisfaction. Should you pass the test of quality, they’ll make recommendations to others; however, if it doesn’t, they’ll condemn your services or products to others. While those good human review will grow your business, those bad ones, will collapse your business, instantly.

Do not cut corners; don’t underestimate the power of producing a quality product. Nobody wants a bad experience with you, nor your products.

Here is why most of you are not selling anymore, no matter how hard you try to convince others.

One bad review, and that is it, your business has been weakened! You should try to invest into quality products, only. So, the moment people begin to recommend others to your product, then it means you’re the first seller they’ll find on their minds, any time they think of buying such a product. Therefore, the trick is, try to become the first seller on their mind, anytime that type of product is mentioned! When you do so, you’ll get calls on days even, you’re not willing to sell. It’s all because, another desperate customer heard of you and your quality services. At this stage, you have transcended the stage where you’re the one begging the people to buy-they’re rather begging to buy from you. It is at this stage that you’ll receive long queues in front of your business shop, with many bookings made in advance, before the introduction of new arrivals.

So, according to the Lord, until you do this, you’re not going to sell much on the markets. In short, there must be several tweaks and turns given to your business from time to time, in regard to this, until you realize a full or complete influence, on the average customer.

Then He added that, ‘‘In business, we invest into Strategy, before we invest into Products.’’

Let your Strategy be behind your Business Offer.


(E) Give Some Quality Sample Products For Free:

One of the ways to shoot up your sales up beyond the ceiling, is to give out some of your products and services for free to the markets. You do have a quality, attractive and perfectly priced product or service.

Why not run the streets with free samples? With all things being equal, these free sample products distributed to various markets may draw several eyes and ears to it. After that free sample marketing campaign, your sales may shoot up to the roof, as the only way these people can get more to taste, is to come to buy from you.

Then the question may pop up, several times: ‘‘Where can we get more of this to buy?’’

This is when you’re going to breakthrough with yours in many of these markets; many more recommendations will come, as many make the attempt to hurriedly move away from what they may have been spoilt with, over the long years.

Your business can breakthrough and become successful, if you start by applying these 5 points.



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