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You Could Become A Solutions-Focused Journalist

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The news is all about bad stuff. Turning the News into A BETTER NEWS could rather be a better form of business for some.

Most news stations just talk about the bad stuff, which is why the world is currently seen as a dangerous place today.

Why not start a news-blog, where you only talk about the impactful or positive news happening around the world? In this sense, you’ve become a Solutions-Focused Journalist,’ and have become different from the rest. This can attract a lot of people to your side, a people or a world who’re just tired of negative news, but now are seeking for their souls to be polarized to the positive stuff.

To do that, you can hirer a freelance website designer on to build you a great news blog, at a cheaper price.

Yikes! You’ve started your publications.

The ways to monetize your site will include, serving your site with Google AdSense, selling Ad Spaces for people and businesses to place their ads on your site, selling eBooks, courses, webinars, subscriptions and eventually opening an online shop on your site, to sell good and positive products. You can run countless other services on it.

Understand that, life is about ‘concepts.’

If you have a better concept, it will make things sell out for you. Well, this key point is for the boys, girls, men and women, who have interest in journalism. You too can try, if you want.


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