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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 1)

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One day, while going to take my bath, the Holy Spirit whispered to me to pour lemon or lime juice into my bathing water; and afterwards, I should stir it up thoroughly.

Well, I did exactly as I was instructed, but didn’t know what I was to expect (though, I knew I could trust in His Words).

I got some limes, squeezed their juice into my bathing water, and then went ahead to have my bath.

O my Lord.

What an amazing natural Antiseptic to behold.

To be honest, I felt so clean on every part of my brownish body.

Seeing how this God-given ‘hack’ had helped me, I decided to do this practice every day. It has been a good practice which has been very helpful to my health and I have also decided to share this ‘life’ wisdom with you.

I just want you to see the benefits of bathing with lime or with this naturally hacked Antiseptic.

To be frank, among all antiseptics, most of which are made by men with many unhealthy chemicals, I believe this one stands as the best, removing all the germs you need to remove from your skin as you take your bath. Aside that, it is natural and relatively harmless; it is totally safe to use this.

Moreover, they are so common and cheap.

I could just realize that God had placed many things around us which carry the solutions to most of our health issues, but we are so ignorant about them and so haven’t harnessed their full potential.

I was so amazed, to how squeezing of lime or lemon juice could make me feel so clean, fresh and good for the day’s work.

To be honest, many unnatural antiseptics are dangerous to our health, which is due to their harmful constituents. In the end, when their harmful chemicals react with our skins, or gets into our mouths or eyes, they could harm us.

Why not keep this good tip with you to make your life happy, and to enjoy your life to the fullest without any complications?

Thank you.


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