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How To Save Money Easily In These Hard Economic Times

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How To Save Money Easily In These Hard Economic Times

One of the things the Lord showed me which is causing His people not to become financially rich or wealthy in this life, is the fact that His people are not able to save properly.

He had stressed on the fact that, saving is good; however, not everybody knows how to save; thus, several of His people find it very difficult to save.

Most people have indeed broken their oaths on savings and so up until now, they have not been able to gather so much money from all the savings they have been trying to do over the years or down the years.

Now, over here the Lord gave me a good advice on how to save, so that by following this advice, it will become easy for us to save, thus, less challenging and much faster without future interruptions.

He had explained that, the underlying factor why we’re not able to save much money is because, ‘‘we don’t prepare our backs well before going about to save.

According to Him, before you can start saving properly or start making gains in your financial savings journey, you have to first go on shopping or to first go to the markets to buy down some important products-mostly household products, such as food, water and other basic necessities of life. Secondly, He had adviced that, you must remember to buy them in bulk quantities.

(It means that, there are some things you must have within your house in bulk, before you can start saving or before you say, ‘I’m going to save this year.’ )

Now, it is at this point, that you can say that ”I’m going to start saving financially.”

Well, why should you do this?

The Lord explained to me:

Have you ever come to the place where you tried saving money for a long time with the intent of becoming rich, but quite sooner than you expected, you went back for the money, thus, interrupted your savings?

(You couldn’t continue at a point, but interrupted the savings, thus coming back to square-one).

What had made you do that?

It was because you did not have enough ‘back-up resources’ at home, before saving.

So then, in the course, when you’d fallen back into the place of need, you went back for the money to purposefully sort those things out.

Hence, there was no back-up plan to sort your backs or to accommodate you during those savings period. In the event, you will need to sacrifice the money in your savings box, to go get those life necessities, which you obviously can’t do without.

If you had made it a diligence to acquire for your home a bulk of these ‘back-up’ resources first, you wouldn’t change your decision of stopping your savings. As you already have them, there won’t be a need to go in for the saved money.

So then, your financial savings agenda would have been much easier and would not have been interrupted by a need, because you previously sorted them out, as the first thing.

Thus, the best way to save, is first of all, go to the markets to buy all those things you’ll need on a daily basis, in bulk. (Stock your house enough with them-the reason for the bulk quantities).

His simple formulae is that, you cannot start saving comfortably when your house is in lack of food, water and other basic necessities of life, which your ‘system’ will demand for their attention.

Hence, the moment you’ve sorted them out over the long period, that long period will see great savings being accomplished. It is a more secured way to deal with this kind of challenge.

So, start today.

Go get all the backup resources first, over a long period.

Then start again.


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