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Being Generous Is A Form Of Investment (Part 2)

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Being Generous Is A Form Of Investment (Part 2)


Being Generous Is A Form Of Investment.

Do you know that being generous to others is a form of future investment? Let me explain it to you. It is an investment because, supposing about 100 of your family members or friends should today come into the place of need and should each ask you for some help or financial assistance, ranging from 2$-5$, while you were able to go out of your way to help them, not being stingy, it is most likely that by tomorrow or in the future when you should also come into a place of need (though God forbid), you will soon have about 100 of these people to also help you back.

Now, what if each of them is in a good place now? This means you will have about 100 well-to do people to fall upon for financial or for any form of assistance that might equally be helpful to you.

Having realized your kind gesture in the past, if each of these friends will also decide to support you with also 2-5$ in return, you should have about 200-500$ in that moment to see you out of your financial need. Immediately, you will bounce out of that momentarily need.

Yet, imagine the money you had given to each one of them was more, you may then receive an amount from them which will be bigger than that 200-500$. So, often times, the more you give to others, the more you get back in return.

Try to help others, because you can never tell when the wheel will rotate, and you may rather be in that place of need, needing help.

There are times that these friends may decide to give you more than what you had given them as a gift in the past, because at such times, they may not quantify your help in terms of the amount of money they had received from you, but rather, in terms of the ‘strength of the deliverance” that ‘sacrifice” brought to them; you know, there are times 2$ dollars may be as the value of a 1000 dollars, to someone who is really in dire need. So, that is what some of them may remember, not considering the value you gave to them.

It is highly possible, that someone of them may go out of their way, to give you a car or a plane ticket for a holiday, just because you were there to help a penny, that was worth as a billion dollars. In other words, you may never know the kind of surprises that may come out of you helping others, who’re today in need.

Truly, it is more blessed to give than to expect to be given to.

Help comes in many forms and ways to a kind and generous individual, even on his deathbed. Such helps may sometimes extend to his family and will transcend to his generations, even when they know nothing about what had taken place in the past.

Therefore, being generous, is possibly a security for the future. Know that, that your act of generosity, is an undocumented insurance cover which is to protect your life in the coming future.

Become that sort of person today to enjoy the proceeds of it, in the future.


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