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Being Generous Is A Form Of Investment (Part 1)

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Being Generous Is A Form Of Investment (Part 1)

There are some things in your home and there are a lot of things you can do with them.

The Lord whispered to me and told me that anytime you should give something to someone, you’re telling God ‘I’m clothing this person, so You will clothe me, ‘I’m feeding this person so, you will rather feed me.’  Indeed, anytime you think and should act like this, God will also feed you and clothe you.

Nobody puts money into an investment and never gets some returns back and that’s why nobody also gives money as well as resources to God and never gets anything back in return. So then, to God, your acts of giving or donations have become some investments with Him.

So, to God, if that was an investment, it’ll be unfair to give you back the same amount of aid you gave to the person. Therefore, He says that, ‘it will be measured back to you, shaken together, pressed down, AND RUNNING OVER you.’’ This was how He explained the returns will be considering your generous investment.

It’s seen as a contract you’ve gone in with Him.

So then, most people are not aware of what they are losing if they refuse to be kind to the poor or to the less privileged of society.

In regard to this charitable act, the one who gives more receive back more or in return. (That’s the investment plan with God, just as it’s also with any financial institution or company).

What are you alone doing with all the money you have in your pockets (accounts) when you have opportunities to increase it the more? Therefore, to God, the giver is blessed more than the receiver (the beggar), since the giver will benefit from his investments, yet the receiver is in not investing.

To give alms is a life-investment. It’s as sowing into a Treasury Bill of God’s Centre of Investments.

You have a lot of opportunities now to make a lot of money (to earn big) with God’s Financial Securities Company and Heavenly Trusted Bank of Investments. (Meanwhile, God’s primary bank has never been on liquidation)

Go in this regard, and make unlimited banking Savings, which as well has eternal incentives and rewards.

Go on; throw up a challenge with this Investment Bank.

Who can invest and throw up the challenge? And you know what, you can start it right away.

Understand that, every single dime we give in God’s house is an investment, and if for some time now you haven’t reaped anything, tomorrow or in heaven, we shall surely reap from it.

Become Generous To Become An Investor.


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