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A Home Business Idea With An Instant Flyer-Marketing Strategy

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Just try as much as possible to create one good product, or many if you can.  Afterwards, take good pictures of that item.

Now, create or just design a mini black and white ad-flyer with these great pictures.

From here, circulate the mini ad-papers to thousands, just as program or event flyers are shared or distributed. (This means, you don’t need to have a shop or own a shop.) You can use your home for everything.

Once customers call you, you go and deliver that product of yours to them. Whenever the questions pops up, ‘’Where Is Your Office?’’ just take them to your garage or room, which by now, you should beautifully convert into an office space. No bills (rent) to cause you pain.

(You could also meet your customers at the mall, which is often a very nice and serene place).

This is one great business idea for an entrepreneur to try. One day, you may grow your service or product business to the top, which you can do, by learning sales, marketing and business development tips and strategies right here from this platform. 


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